Astaroth summoning

Yesterday I summon astaroth to ask her some questions.
Basically I needed her attention because I was feeling lonely…I woke up on my sleep and I felt something I had forgot through the years.i was feeling secured and like my mom was there.i felt someone to watch over me and the room filled with love…I slept again with a beautiful emotion.i was sensing the present of a woman,like my mom present…I am sure that present was astaroth.she heard my prayers and gave me what I needed.fealing secured and loved…hail Astarte!!!


Yup, that was definitely Astaroth.


She’s become a mother figure to me


Astaroth is my Matron Goddess. She is everything you could want in a Mother.



She is great, just dont piss her off.


I have found more love and kindness in Astaroth than I have anywhere else. I know that she chose me…to deliver me from the emptiness and suffering in my own existence. Since my own mother passed away a few years ago I have been lacking something. When Astaroth found me, she filled the void and I have been bettered by knowing her. Hail Astaroth!


How did you summon her?

That statue gives me terrifying vibes :scream:


So let me get this straight… You heard a song about Astaroth and it scared you away from her?

That’s weak dude.

Why not evoke her and draw your own conclusions?


I will ask her to stop by and see you.

You are judging a book based on its cover. Maybe you need glasses…

I’m going to make astaroth my patron soon. This spirit has been on my mind for months and I haven’t worked with it. I will now. The time is right. I’ll be needing the demon for many tasks in the coming months

I can tell the demon has been trying to communicate that I should be calling on it for my tasks. My theory is that astaroth has been with me since I was born. I don’t know I’ve always felt it with this spirit since it’s essentially Astarte/Venus.

Your way of speech sounds a quite demeaning.

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As long as you are respectful Astaroth is one of the best beings to work with, dare I say one of the sweetest and most understanding from that group of beings. Astaroth, Astarte, Inanna…these are all aspects of the same being. She is a goddess of love AND war, but unless you are disrespectful or dont keep your commitments to her, you don’t have to worry about her warrior aspect coming your way.


My priorities are results and hitting deadlines efficiently. I work with Saturn a lot so it definitely comes across like that. Astaroth knows me well and I’m not the type of occultist that gets attached to any entity. I Value results over anything else. Why else am I into the occult if not to change the environment around me. Like I said astaroth has been with me since birth. And if you Know about astrology. You know that Venus is best friends with Saturn. So it makes sense

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I’ve never been disrespectful to any spirit. It doesn’t benefit me at all to do so. I’m in a constant state of gratefulness at the power these beings have. The spirits know me well. I reward them with gratefulness and the occasional offerings. That’s all they really need when it comes down to it. And I barely give offerings. Gratefulness is what feeds the spirits. Acknowledging the results. Being thankful. Most occultists don’t have the same goals as me or if they do they have unnecessary compassion for spirits and sometimes end up worshipping them. Which is a shame.

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My post was a general statement, not directed at you. Personally I dont believe in worship or groveling either. I respect them as teachers and mentors, and in some instances close friends. To each their own I guess.

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How does one summon Astaroth? I’ve been trying to summon some stuff but haven’t gotten the right results and yes I’m still going. I am wanting to take a small break from these summonings and would like to know how to summon Astaroth. Please send me a list of things I must do ^^

I didn’t. From the moment I heard her name, saw her sigil and anything about her I was drawn. It felt like a gargantuan humming and electric sort of energy that I would compare to a massive adrenaline rush with a warmth that I had only ever felt before with my own mother but stronger being that Astaroth is a goddess. I honestly feel that she chose me because of how I was pulled so forcefully to everything about her. That is what them choosing you is like according to many of my highly educated and experienced colleagues in the craft. I am honored to have been chosen by such an amazing being. However, a very simple way to communicate with Astaroth is the candlelight invocation. Notice I didn’t say evocation because she as well as many others hate that. They despise being controlled and forced like that. So, light a white candle. I like drawing her sigil on a piece of paper and adding 3 drops of my blood to it but you do what you feel is right. The candle is the only necessity. Gaze into the flame and visualize the fire flowing into you and you and it combined into one unit. Once you are in a strong enough trancelike state you can very humbly and respectfully ask her to come. I can’t stress enough how important respect is. In my experience, I started seeing her walking towards me through the flames and she is beautiful. Tall slim and sometimes blonde and sometimes brunette. She’s usually wearing a long sleeveless dress but you will feel her when she gets there trust me. Next have your conversation with her . Show respect and thank her at the end. I personally like to close the ritual by clapping 3 times and putting out my candle. I hope this helps you. It is all I ever do and sooner or later I only have to think of her and she is there. I adore her. I Honor her daily in some way. Darkest blessings