Astaroth, rising in greatness and power +ritual for pendulum

Remember who you are remember the soul
Reclaim your throne among the gods
embrace your greatness,
Embrace your heart, mind and body
Mind is within the soul
Even you fall try your best to rise from it, accept it and rise above it
From the deepest pits we salute you in glory and power
We are the forces of the damned end liberated
Libration is nothing without damnation
Try your best, you best, rise above it great power comes though great obsestucles and great dares
Courage is nothing without fear

Pandelum ritual

Ant ntaluba mahku etz zeniku
We offer these incantation to pendulum exercises
It strengthens the bond with you, like a subconscious wire
Put your pendulum in glass with water let over the moon
When sun rises time for strengthing the bond
Put in front of you let the rays of sun shine
Chant 3 times
Sol, lux,
Hold in your hands and vibrate your name
Visualise your energy within
When the sun descends
And moon rises
Put in the moon for 3 hours
When you are back at the altar chant
Luna, tenebris
See the sun and moon
In the above and below parts of it
Then see them colliding into a singular white sphere then see the energy fill all the pendulum
Mediate upon
Now vibrate while holding into your 3 eye
Your name

Say the incantation eleven times
And then
“by the forces of light, sol, by the forces of darkness tenebris
I cast this blessing upon this pandelum and ask the forces of the arch Duke demones astaroth to bless it with her powers”
Say the incantation slowly for 3 times

Then hold it
And say

“you’re mine”


Here’s what I got

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Very nice! Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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