Assumption of God forms - egregores and stuff

I quite like the GD info but I’m not sure I wanna lock myself into any oaths

Anyone mind explaining the phrase assumption of god forms means the same thing as when you invoke beings?

And also I know this is a LHP site, GD might not be your cup of tea as an order but as a beginner, would you have more “access” to power from belonging to one? Like you would tap into its egregore which is stronger than you on your own? Or no?


Essentially, yes. The Assumption of Godforms is used to invoke gods and goddesses in the Golden Dawn tradition, to take on their traits and identify with them.


Ah ok thanks- so they use the Egyptian deities

Mostly, yes, mainly because Crowley, who had a hand in writing a lot of their rituals, was mainly into Egyptian mythology. It figures heavily in his religion of Thelema and his “bible” the Book of Law.

However, the technique can be applied to other pantheons as well.

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Oh - I thought it was like the oldest religion or something that mostly everything since is a copy of? I’ve watched some videos that kinda convinced me that’s very possible but yeah I figure people use all sorts and it works

No, it’s not the oldest religion. Sumeria, being the oldest known civilisation, beats it out.

However, a lot of the Western Magical Tradition is heavily influenced by Theosophy, which arose around the same time as the Golden Dawn, and its founder, Madame Blavatsky, was very much enamoured by the mystical East, and made Egypt (and the fictional Atlantis) a common part of the modern New Age.