Assistance with curse


I was wondering if anyone could please assist me? I recently found this community and saw some similar desire threads, however I am requesting for someone to lead some assistance regarding a medium level black curse - nothing like curse generations or anything. You see one of my fellow neighbours recently did me and my mum wrong, id like for some eventful krama to be displayed.

Any information or help would be grateful appreciated.


Say some prayers to The Archangel Michael or a spirit of the goetia

Do you know which spirit would be great for revenge?


Probably any of them you just have to ask them (it would help if you already work with them) If they can’t help they might tell you another entity who would be able to help.

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Asmodeus is the demon of revenge when i googled it. I havn’t heard of him before though so I don’t know if he is a good demon to work with or not.

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The Archangel Michael or Andras

Thankyou all for the recommendations! I start doing research immediately.

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I don’t recommend Asmodeus for revenge.

May I ask why?

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Don’t get me wrong, he is my patron. But I know he is capable of completely annihilating a target, and when invoked/ evoked for this purpose he can be overwhelming to the caster. To invoke/evoke him for this, caster must have experience, and know for certain that’s what they want.

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