Assets and liabilities in magickal practice and in life: Do you know the difference?

One of the biggest problems I have seen bring financial woe to people is a failure to understand the difference between an asset and a liability. I agree with Buckminster Fuller’s concept that an asset is something that puts money in your pocket overall, and a liability is something that takes money out of your pocket. While this is pretty cut and dry, many miss the finer points of analyzing their actions when they decide what is an asst and a liability.

In a mundane example, take a vehicle or a home that you take a loan out on. Now of course you need a place to live, and depending where you are you could also need a vehicle. Most people pay every month to have them. Money goes out of their pocket from their asset/income column as an expense/liability. Now let’s make the paradigm shift. How can I get what I want or need and profit from the arrangement? You could use the vehicle in a business capacity like Uber to make enough money to cover your vehicle expenses and put some cash in your pocket. That car has now made the shift from being a liability to being an asset. In the case of a home, you could buy a multifamily and rent out the other units to cover the expense of the mortgage and also profit a bit. Others build your equity for you (which is,by the way, how most wealthy people become wealthy). If you are living in an apartment then consider subletting or apartment hacking. Much like in magickal practice, you are really only limited by your own perspective.

In magickal practice this holds true as well. In magick, an asset is energy and time expended that ultimately enriches you beyond what you pour into over the course of the development. A magick liability is one that takes a toll on you far beyond the value of your manifested result or goal. This one is a bit murky because individual spiritual/magickal goals are unique to the practitioner. The important thing is to ask yourself relevant questions regarding your practice. Is this path working enriching me? Is this casting a priority? How does this casting tie in to my long term goals?

I am going to expound a bit on the following question, because it is one of the ones that has led me to a better, more effective practice regarding money magick. Is there something I could be doing instead of this to make this casting unneeded in the first place? Take a simple money spell. Most people cast for a specific or approximate amount, or they leave it very general, such as “money will come to me”. That is usually what they get. A one time hit for varying amounts. Now when you need $400 and you cast and manifest $400, great! But what about the next time you need $400? I personally think it is a pain in the ass to be casting money spells as the situation demands.

Many wise magicians suggest to cast your money spells when you DON’T need the money, and this is true. But, what could be done to render the need for a simple money spell moot? When I asked myself this question I realized I would not be casting for general or specific amounts any time in the near future. I started on a series of workings to build a consistent income stream for myself, directing my magickal efforts towards solving issues that impeded my goal. I backed this up with physical actions to support my magick (or maybe the other way around). I don’t need to cast money spells in the same manner as I used to because I have one already manifesting for me on a regular basis.

At the end of the day, you are going to be better off with a long term manifestation to create abundance, so a quick and dirty money spell is, in my opinion, a magickal liability. You do not grow, it does not last, and you expend that most valuable of all assets in the process: time.


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