Aspects of subconscious

I have a question about the theory of spirits being aspects of subconscious.
Are the only spirits who are aspects of your subconscious, the beings found in grimoires? So if someone evokes their mom, are they only evoking their subconscious? I have spoken with many mediums who talk to their dead children on a daily basis. The dead children give them facts that are then verified by them. How are so many objective facts that most people wouldn’t know, be given by spirits if they were only aspects of your mind?

@StewardofSophia promotes this theory a lot. Though not sure but maybe his thoughts are influenced by his Buddhists beliefs. That most non-ascended people are reincarnated and you can’t access people who have not achieved nirvana.
@DarkestKnight also says he is leaning more toward this theory.


Going back to my explanation based on the Kabbalah. Keter (Crown), the divine, connects to both halves of the mind, the conscious mind (Chokhmah) and the subconscious mind (Binah). Keter also connects to Tipharet, but that isn’t the scope of this discussion.

The 22 paths between the Sephirot are represented by the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet as well as the 22 cards in the major arcana. The path between Keter (the divine) and Chokhmah (the conscious mind) is represented by The Fool. The Fool is ignorant and does not know all things that he ought. The Path between Keter (the divine) and Binah (the subconscious mind) is represented by The Magician. The Magician is knowledgeable of all things, physical and spiritual. The connection between Chokhmah and Binah, when the conscious mind enters the subconscious mind the the path is represented by The High Priestess. The High Priestess possesses secret, revealed knowledge. The High Priestess is The Fool after being taught by The Magician. And the path which crosses over The High Priestess, is The Empress. The Empress is new creation, the results of magic.

So, the subconscious mind has a direct connection with the divine, and it possesses all knowledge if you know how to look. We create other beings to teach things to us, because we don’t trust ourselves enough to get the answer by ourselves.


I also should clarify, I do believe in real gods and spirits, I’m just not convinced anyone is contacting them.


So, if someone’s parents died, you don’t think they can be called? What about soul travel? is that also your subconscious in your opinion?

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I’m open to the idea of communication from beyond the grave, but in most cases that’s not what’s happening.

Pure subconscious.

My take on it is that there are multiple levels of mind, with intelligences native to each level, including

So, to my way of thinking, there are different beings you can contact on different levels.

I understand the idea that sentient beings may be mental delusions or figments of your own imagination, but not all of them are. Do enough magick and you quickly realize it’s NOT all in your head. There are things out there that have a mind of their own.

There are also parts within you that have a mind of their own. You don’t need need to conjure superconscious spirits for every need - at times, your own subconscious mind and soul can guide you as much as your ancestors or any spirit heirarchy you care to name, and with more accuracy, because you know yourself so well.

At the conscious level, a lot of self-delusion can happen, and there are probably some unconscious elements that lead you astray, but depth of trance allows you to gain contact with things that clearly aren’t you and have other thoughts you may not be aware of.


my theory on mediums and its just poping into my head is that i think many of them they more so in tune to read the energy of the person close to them. hence why many aspects are pick up and can be correct. they will others that read on different levels

i think working with gods and goddess is on a whole different level

Well said

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My personal experience of mediumship is that I don’t have control over who shows up, when they show up, or when they leave. I have asked a couple to leave when they seem to stick around too long. However there appears to be a pattern. They show up in the short time after their death. Eventually they move on and with a couple of exceptions generally do not come back. Sometimes I expect someone to show up, and they never do. /shrug

I don’t invite them to stay with me forever. I dont feel thats healthy. I have had experiences that have lead me to believe that some people do though. Through an unhealthy connection to the person who has passed you can tether them to you, and just as it holds them to you in some way it binds you to them as well. In many ways the people I have known in such circumstances have a huge internal roadblock around this that they are blind to.

I have occasionally had spirit show up who I was not related to, didnt know personally, and cant conceive of what benefit it granted me to have heard them. ie- a month ago I heard a mans voice and he acknowledged that he killed himself that day. I opened my eyes thinking “oh no, he killed himself”. To which I was shown that it was an accidental car accident, he was just taking responsibility for his stupidity. And he was gone as easily as he showed up. I heard a doorbell that night in my sleep and in my mind I said “NOPE! I’m closed!”- dude just moved on

Another time there was a very persistent woman. She was so close to this space that i could discern her height, she felt motherly, and she had a really important message that she would repeat often. I walked around with her near me for months! This was new, this strength in her manifestation. I never figured out who she was or who she was here for. At this point I had not yet grown to be able to hear her words. I would just be left with impressions, so I never heard her actual voice. 2 years later- I found out that my own grandmother had died at this time. I was estranged from that side of the family at the time, no one had means to contact me. She also came to my father the night she died, and in his dream she told him to sleep in, that now was her time- and to be prepared in the morning because she had moved on.

So does my subconscious want to give other people information? To what end? Did my subconscious know my grandmother has passed? I have certainly, recently, had experiences I believe are manifestations of my internal issues. My perception though is that they are different, but would be easy to misidentify. I always sit back and notice things and keep track of all that I observe and I do a sort of reality test with whomever shows up. I keep my mind open to all kinds of possibilities.


My friend is sick. He wants to leave his body permanently. So we hired a magician to bind his soul to an astral vessel. Once his body dies or he is replaced with another spirit the binding will be broken. What do you think will happen. Will he be trapped in his subconscious.

I don’t think anything will happen. I think that magician scammed you guys. While creating a secondary body is one of the steps of Taoist immortality, I don’t think this magician possesses the proper foundational framework, semen retention being one. And not temporary semen retention, like during the Abramelin Operation, but permanent semen retention for the rest of your life.

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There’s also that your ability to perceive and communicate with gods and goddesses comes down to your personal filters and expectations.

To process something, you have to perceive it first. The problem is that our sensory filters are so limited that we can only take in a fraction of the information given to us

In a lot of ways, spirit contact is like trying to watch a movie through a pinhole. We miss out on so much because we’re just not able.

I believe that’s one of the reasons why there are so many different takes on what a spirit looks like when it shows up. It may also be why the same spirit can mean 100 things to 100 people. We allow what we remember and can understand and ignore the rest.


that is why i think the LHP is best traveled alone for the most part, ( althou id love to see a big LHP project like a day of action and ritual and focusing of energy for a desired outcome)

i agree with a lot of what you say.

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