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I think this would be very useful for evocation. Especially if you made your own audio tracks of whispered chants and invocations.

I suspect these videos are engaging the dreaming attention. The barely audible sounds force the brain to fill in the blanks, the very same mechanism which fills in the blanks when building your dream world.

Familiarizing yourself with this feeling should allow you to have spontaneous lucid dreams through recognition of that feeling. Also I think this is what people call Kundalini.

Activating this dreaming attention during an evocation will allow it to fill in the details of whatever you want to evoke. Only came across this today, so not really sure how best to use it yet, but the intrepid among you should be able pull something off.

[url=]ASMR eating and orange whisper (re-uploaded) - YouTube


Yay!! I love this stuff, I’ve got a video on right now of a massage to chill out after lunch (odd hours kept in my household)… it’s so cool.

I find it quite grounding but I know other people use it to relax for doing magickal work, I’m thinking of recording some whispering chants or something soon, specifically for using ASMR within a dedicated magickal context.

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OK how many occultists here experience asmr? I gotta see a show of hands because I’ve always wanted to know if there might be some connection. :slight_smile:

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Me, big time, even reading about people having makeup put on, or putting it on themselves, triggers it, before I knew ASMR was even a thing, I had a treasured collection of books like this (Memoirs Of A Geisha is one) that have detailed descriptions of makeup application, or of hair-brushing, manicures, massage (From Russia With Love) and so on.

Pages turning don’t really do it but any kind of personal-attention stuff is right up there, ideally with soft speech or whispering.

PS I know I already said about liking it but it’s just so damned exciting and also affirming to find that something that for years I thought was just a weird mental short-circuit when I read or watched certain things is finally being recognised as real and given the attention it deserves! :smiley:


I have been enjoying it since summer of 2013, not sure how much my experience is similar with the others. but usually it just makes me like tired in somewhat euphoric way. Some sounds kind of feel good inside my head too.

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I only heard about “ASMR” in the last couple of years but have experienced the phenomenon periodically for something like fifteen years? (occult practice for about the same amount of time)

Sometimes it happens when I’m speaking to somebody on some spiritual topic and the words seem to flow out just right and everything makes a sublime sort of sense that i have a hard time attaining normally… on the flip side however, i’ve also experienced asmr while manic and monologuing about, for instance, the possibility of designing computer software that can accurately predict a specific person’s reaction to any given stimulus. or the nature of black holes (something i’m not educated about).

So in my experience… ASMR can manifest during a period of hightened spiritual awareness and communication, and it can also manifest during a period of mania when pressured speech and flight of ideas come together in a brilliant display of madness.

Oh yeah.The feeling of your lover whispering in your ear in a soft tone is ASMR.I’ve donne the New Avatar Power whispering in the same way and it worked…
I Love ASMR.

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Same here. I think designing an ASMR vid combined with occult principles should really give it some extra oomph.

-sharpening a knife while I whisper about paradigm destruction
-Carving or painting while whispering about creating a paradigm
-Rubbing the edge of a crystal wine glass with my finger in a circular motion while I whisper lessons and concepts I want to reinforce. Occasionally drinking the wine and whispering positive affirmation commments like "Mmmmmm… that’s good, which refers to the wine, but structurally should carry over to reinforce the lesson as well.
-Whispered occult themed ghost stories around a crackling fire

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Now that I think about it, using smoke in an evocation does the exact same thing as whispers do. Like whispers, smoke is difficult to focus on, partially transparent, which invites the mind to fill in the blanks. It engages your dreaming attention by forcing you to create.

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Cusp, you’re the man!

Whispers By The Fire - Ear-to-Ear - Crackling, ASMR

ASMR Binaural Psionic Initiation Role-Play

KraMpus II: ASMR Role Play

In the second half this one gets really good.

The atmospheric noise goes away after about thirty seconds. Nicely done roleplay where she finds an old demonic book. She states on her youtube page that “No actual demons were harmed in the making of this video”. Good thing I guess. Wouldn’t want to provoke the wrath of PETD, People for the Ethical Treatment of Demons.

Getting some youtube message that won’t let me embed it. Here’s the link to the page.

[url=]ASMR- Relaxing Demonic Text Reading/ Summoning - YouTube

posted this on ardras illusionist video “woah i dont really watch asmr videos until this was linked on BALG… this reminds me of how i used to speak to my girlfriend, i always felt my words were taken only as stimuli yet… when the shadows would circle like a storm in the ceiling above i knew something heard me…”

[url=]The Illusionist: ASMR (no clay/mouth sounds) - YouTube

i used to make asmr and talk about the qlippoth womb… darkness and detachment just diddnt record it all it really amounted to was seduction… perhaps…

[url=]Cthulhu Cult Initiation Rites - YouTube

Sorry the link didn’t work before lets try again.

I used to experience this as a child.

as an adult, I have experienced new sensations of this same sense. If I look at someone and realize a truth about them (could be as simple as, he washes his hands too) I will almost black out and faint.

This FEELS SO REAL! Binaural ASMR SCALP MASSAGE with head massager, cicadas & WHISPERING - YouTube


These 3 ladies do a nice collaboration on a 3 Keys theme in 3 separate videos:
! No longer available

! No longer available

! No longer available

Just noticed this post, thanks for sharing. I will definitely look into this, this evening.