I just recently trying to invoke Asmodeus, almost as soon as I stared into his sigil and chanted his enn, I felt a presence come in. I felt like I lost control of my body and like I was looking at my body in third person, it freaked me out so much that I got enough control to stop. I tried to see if it was a coincidence by invoking Dantalion, nothing happened. I hope he wasn’t offended by me ending things, that was just the first time I have had something like that happen to me.

Is what I am describing normal?


Yes, it’s normal for me at least. Asmodeus’ power is like a blazing fire. It’s very intense and a little overwhelming at first. He’s definitely not one to play around with. BUT if you’re respectful he can be a fierce ally. As far as your experience with the feeling of losing control, he is known in old Christian tradition as the main “demon” of possession. Look up the possession of the Louvier nuns from the 17th century. While I believe that it is mostly an exaggeration, if he wants a deeper connection with you he will merge. For me, it was like vibrating waves of sound that was rattling my body and mind. But honestly the most intense experience with possession (so far) was with Zepar. On the 3rd time we ever communed together, he tried to possess me but I just wasn’t ready at the time for that. When it first happened with Zepar it was like my consciousness was going dark and shrinking into the back of my head. Like I was fading out and he was fading in. As soon as I started to lose control I broke my trance, apologized, and said I wasn’t ready for that. Those 2 wild experiences though helped me to get comfortable with temporarily merging with several spirits on and off throughout the last few months. So I said all that to say this, some intelligences (spirits, entities) will absolutely want to merge to have a deeper and possibly easier communication with you. It’s also normal, in my own experiences, for partial and full possessions to be super intense when it first happens. It can definitely be unnerving if you’ve never experienced it. The only word of advice, pick and choose who you want to merge with. And make sure it’s the right entity that you are connecting with and not an imposter.


I’m excited to connect with Zepar. I was wondering why i felt a bit aroused when reading up/saying his name. I haven’t felt lust towards another entity since working intensely with Asmodeus.
Can you tell me a bit more about Zepar?

A lot of demons that have specialities in love and lust access your lower chakras, especially the Root chakra. This will cause sexual arousal but it does not necessarily mean that the spirit is having sex with you. And you’re not bad for having those sensations. It happens a lot more than you’d think. Spirits understand a hard cock or a wet pussy during a ritual :sweat_smile:

As for Zepar, he is intense but willing to help even though I hadn’t communed with him more than once before then. I since have changed my approach. Now, I don’t rush the relationships to do spell work. Instead I try to get to know them first before we do anything. But on the subject of Zepar I can tell you that he can do just as the Goetia says but he can also protect “blossoming” relationships too. And I don’t know if it was just a coincidence but when I did a general love spell, the woman he brought me did indeed have fertility issues. It was fine with me I’ve already had kids but if you’re looking to do a love spell but want kids in the future, I’d be mindful of the chances of the one he brings being infertile. Like I said though could be just my experience. I haven’t had anyone else chime in to say that happened to them as well. But maybe there will be now.


What did you chant? I am trying to contact him but i don’t know how?

What have you tried so far? @Aryaa_57