Hi everyone i had a dream about Asmoday asking me to add him into the series of evocations that i have with Azazel Belial and king Paimon he told me he wants to help me before this i was intetested in working with him and i didnt feel any connection with him also when i woke up i saw his sigil in my mind or a few second and now i feel drawn to him and his toughts are all over my mind do you think he is reaching out to me or it was just a dream?

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Seems pretty reaching out to me.



Also can i add him to the project that i have for getting into university because im currently working with 3 other demons for this and i dont want to just increase the number also the reason im working with 3 is because i want to increas the area of work

I am sure you can.

Well, obviously you gotta ask him though.