Asmodeus made me see the reality of life, and it changed my life it was awesome, but were things that made me think so much, Asmodeus offered me to sell my soul and i said no, would he get angry? And why he made see that?
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I don’t think he’d ask for your soul.


Ashmedai or any demon of his stature and level…won’t ask anyone to sell their soul. Asmodeus usually presents himself as a gentleman…imagine tuxedo and proper manners…he is courteous and gives off a sensual vibe. He is a very powerful daemonic incubus King. I am sure he must have touched your life but won’t take your soul. That’s not the purpose of human ~ daemon connection and interactions. What he may have meant is sacrifice of some sort…for gains of some kind.
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Asmodeus is capable of asking for such, not to everyone but it’s still in the realm of possibility. However no he won’t get mad.


Could you explain what you mean by the reality of life? I’ve worked with Asmodeus and he seemed ecstatic over a drop of blood & specifying terms of a working.

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Thank you so much, maybe it was a dream or something like that i don’t know

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He made my problems go away in a few seconds, now i feel like i can do anything i want if i’m with him, you know what i’m saying?

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Thank you

I’ve witnessed through my dream what happens when you say no to him.
In my dream we were in some sort of auto garage. I stood beside him and He stood a few feet infront of a woman. The feeling I was getting from him was serious and intense. He had at least 15 to 20 of his minions surround the girl, and they looked just like him, but smaller. Some of his minions were on the balcony above her, some beside her.
He said nothing, just looked at her. She shook her head and said no.
The growl that came from him was dark and sinister, full of anger and wrath.
I watched as his minions surrounded her and closed him.
Then I woke up. I don’t think Asmodeus wanted me to see what happened, but I’m sure you already know what happened to her.

so if u say no to Asmodeus you basically get killed? thats … something new

Like I said it was a dream.
I think he was showing me how angry he can get when you say no.
Basically telling me not to say no or there could be consequences.
Not killing, more like punishment.

but what if you don’t wanna do something? like something your not comfortable with

Let him know respectfully. Don’t say you’re going to give him something or make a contract with him then say no.
Thats what pisses off any demon.

ah right