Asmodeus Working Journal

The title pretty much speaks for itself. Asmodeus has popped up in multiple times in my life and has been present in the background of my rituals for awhile, even though I have not actively worked with him alone much. I do not really have a plan on exactly how I am going to work with him, as I feel winging it and seeing what comes from it will be more appropriate. I am not sure on the time line I will set as well.

As to how I know Amodeus has been hanging around for awhile, it began with a ritual I performed a year or so ago geared towards approaching Asmodeus for general advise from Baal Kadmon’s Ghosts, Demons and Devils from Hebrew Mythology. For years, there was a presence I could not put my finger or see behind my rituals no matter what kind of barrier I put on. When I approached him alone, the same presence was felt at full force. Additional sessions of divination confirmed my suspicion that Asmodeus was the one that was present. With all that is going on in my life, I decided I cannot move on with future projects without going down this avenue first.

Asmodeus is an interesting character if you look at the broad history of his role in stories. While commonly associated as a demon, he technically (in my opinion) fits better under the label of Shedim, which are spirits that are labelled as evil because they are not “God” and possess traits associated to both angels and humans. The Greek term Daemon would be a better comparison to the term Shedim than Demon would be. Djinn could fit in that category and Asmodeus is often put in that category, as Isalmic belief labels him as a king of that group of spirits.

While Asmodeus is commonly associated with lust due to Christian mythology and his role in the story in the Book of Tobit, he also is depicted as both a trickster and someone who holds knowledge of the future in both the Talmud and the Testament of Solomon. One could argue that Solomon would not have been able to build his temple without Asmodeus, as he taught Solomon different aspects of magic. However, Solomon learned the price of taking away someone’s freedom when he was tricked into releasing Asmodeus. Asmodeus is also different than depiction of other spirits labelled as demons as he is said to freely be able to roam both throughout earth and heaven as he wishes.

Based on my limited experience with Asmodeus one on one, I find him to be a complex being with two distinct sides. The first is a humorous, gentleman side who I have approached for wisdom in the past and the presence that can definitely be associated with lust. The other side is a more spiteful (while justified in my observation) and a very clear association to the power of raw anger, which makes his association to Aeshma make a lot of sense to me (I do not have enough experience to say the two are one and the same). He actually reminds me of a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde character, which I can relate quite a bit to, as I find myself to be one as well.

So, not sure where exactly this is going to end up with but this will serve as a record of what comes up.


He is said to be the offspring of an angel and a human, and supposedly stated as much to King Solomon himself so that makes sense.

I look forward to reading, my friend :slight_smile:


Asmodeus is most fascinating to me. We’ve had some problems in the past, but I’m still drawn to him. Feels like playing with fire. I’m looking forward to reading more about your experiences with him in the future.



So, I have been having an inkling of an offering for Asmodeus. The idea of making an old fashion for Asmodeus keeps popping into my mind. So, in response, I decided to do a simple meditation while things were slow at work to either confirm or deny it, as I wanted to rule out the possiblity that it is just me that wants the old fashion (as I tend to drink an offerings of that type after it as sat for awhile as my usual means of disposal unless told otherwise). So, after performing sword banishment and my circle of black fire, I visualized his sigil and chanted his name in my head until I felt a shift in the space i was in. I welcomed Asmodeus and simply asked if he wanted an old fashion as an offering. This is the conversation.

Asmodeus: “Yes, but it is not an offering just to me”

Me: “What do you mean?”

A: “I mean two things. First, you will be making two drinks, as it is not fun to drink alone. Second, the fumes of the drink are my offering, but the process is yours.”

M: “Okay, what do you mean by that?”

A: “You’ll figure it out. Don’t take too many short cuts and it will start to make sense. You have used emotions in your magic, but not so much with memories. At least, not the deep ones”

M: “What power does the past have compared to the present?”

A: “The past influences the present, especially when it is denied. Living in the past and remembering it are two very different things. One cannot help shape the future without understanding the past, both its triumphs and failures. Don’t try to live it, but exploit it for your own purposes.”

M: “That makes sense, but why a cocktail?”

A: -laughs- “Because you tend to look for wisdom about life outside the pages of a dusty tone and, frankly, you understand better when others don’t make things easy for you.”

M: “Ouch, but I cannot say you are wrong. Thank you.”

I dismissed him at that point. So, while I will be performing other rituals in this journal, I will be also recording the process of making the drink for Asmodeus and seeing what parts of the process can be used for magic, as well as recording thoughts that come up to get an idea of what Asmodeus was getting at. So, for those who are fans of @Angelb1083’s Magical Cooking thread, you may find things here that can be used. However, I will try not to bog this journal down too much with it.


Conversation with Asmodeus

I began today’s ritual with sword banishment and my circle of black flames ritual. I lit a sandalwood incense stick I rubbed some cassia powder onto in my temple space. I felt the need to keep things simple, so I began by trying out Asmodeus’s enn while watching the smoke rise. It was not working for me, so mid ritual I stopped, put on some ambient music and started again chanting Asmodeus’ name. The air grew hot as I chanted and the tension build up gradually until the final repetition when it finally eased. I did not see him this time so much as I heard his low voice state that he was here.

M: Thank you for coming. I wanted to ask some questions. Some relate to our work and others do not. Is that okay?

A: Would I be here if it wasn’t? Ask away.

M: fair point. What is the end goal for working with you? It is going to end similiar to my work with Beelzebub that involved soul transmutation?

A: No, I don’t think that will be necessary. Nor will you be traveling. We are going to keep things here, in this world. We are going to develope you as you are here.

M: Okay, what do you gain from it? Why this world?

A: That is a bit painful, but fair. Entertainment is an honest answer, although I also just like you. And we tend to want to help those we like, when they ask for it. As for why this world, well, I tend to gravitate towards this one myself. And I have a feeling you will do after death. Tell me, what do you hope to see after you die? Living again as another person, another world entirely, or remaining here to watch or influence?

M: I think I would enjoy watching how creation evolves and eventually dies one day. Not sure I would want another body but definitely would like to watch. I can see how it is entertaining to spirits. In a way, it is like a game show where the spirits can act as audience members who can help the contestant out who are stuck.

A: While not always the case, that is a fair view.

M: other spirits have stated that they see my soul splitting into other beings. What are your thoughts?

A: That will be up to you. At the current path you are trending, I can see you being so bored that you allow yourself to split in order to technically cease to exist, leaving a void in said creations. Kind of selfish really. But I do see an alternative where you do create beings from yourself without the focus of erasing yourself. To do that, we have to reignite the passion, which is the goal. That depends on you though.

M: Read me like a book there.

A: I have been watching for awhile. You have endured much and it is commendable. However, this crack in your armor is necessary for ascension.

M: I understand.

A: You have not began the process of making that cocktail I asked for.

M: In time, I will be making one of the components today. If you can influence some funds my way to help pay for it…

A: -laughs- you are learning well. I can help with that, but you need to listen to your wife in regards of working too much. It will kill you, both mentally and physically. Get creative with what you got available, don’t be lazy.

M: I will keep that in mind. What is your view on Angel’s?

A: They have their agenda and I have mine. If you are asking if the angels you work with are going to be a problem, I assure you it is not the case. Who you work with is your business.

M: I get it. Does the same apply to Raphael?

A: I would prefer you not calling him when you call me. I am not enemies with him, but he is a bit too uptight for me to enjoy his company. And no reaction at all when it comes to jokes.

M: Okay, I will keep that in mind. Anything you want me to know before we bring this to a close?

A: Focusing solely on Ascension will only lead to regret. I am not saying don’t make efforts to do so, but if you don’t enjoy the ride at the same time, what is the point? The power gets old real quick, so make the most of your time. Savor this life like whiskey, enjoy the pleasure and the pain. Also, smile more. You cannot be truly conquered if your foe cannot take that away. Laugh at the maddness and grin widely at the opposition.

With a laugh, he departed from there. I grounded and went to record this session. Tonight, I will be making the sugar cube for the cocktail by hand and seeing what comes up from that little ritual.


This made me laugh more than I should have lol.

Really interesting so far, and I kind of recognize myself when he talks about you. I have been a bit drawn to him lately (or at least I think about him a bit too much for my taste), not sure why but reading you gave me an idea.

What kind of vibe/energy does he give ?


It really changes as time passes. As he first manifests, the presence is fiery, wild and intense but becomes grounded and calming when he appears. It is very clear how sex became associated with him, as his energy is very much like the act, but I think labeling him strictly as “the demon of lust” is jumping the gun. I think associating him with passion is a better comparison, and there are many things in life that one can be passionate with, which invokes very complex emotions.

He is similiar to Belial in terms of being chaotic, but there is something more to it that I am still trying to understand.


:thinking: interesting. I haven’t been as interested in him because I thought that he was just about getting you laid whereas I am much more interested in developing a passionate romantic relationship with a Passion doesn’t fade as much as it tends to so I might have to talk to him some day

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Yeah, that’s the “lust/sex” part that worries me and keep me away from even looking for any informations about him. So many people mentioned that and how he can get sexual with women, so yeah… But I mean, as you said he is similar to Belial, and since I’ve been working with Belial he never acted sexual towards me (just once, but just to mess with me), so maybe I worry for nothing.

I might try to reach out to him one day, not now that’s for sure, I have too much on my plate right now lol.


I cannot say whether or not he will help with that, but he has seemed interested in my own marriage in the past. He has mentioned the whole “listen to your wife” jabs many times lol although that could be to mess with me.

If we associate the term passion with an intense, nearly uncontrollable emotion, it also makes his association with anger understandable as well.


Lol I get it. Sex is not something that has came up, other than one time where he dragged me into an “infernal strip club” for lack of a better word in a dream prior to this journal. It is definitely there, but I think there is a very big over generalization with Asmodeus. Most of the few past workings with him have been mainly focused on obtaining wisdom, which he definitely can deliever.


Mmmm very interesting. I read somewhere else that with him it was more about passion than anything else. At the end, lust and anger have that in common.

Where do you think the whole “break up couples” come from? Every time a break up is mentioned here (and let’s be honest, is a lot) Asmodeus is mentioned. Do you think is because of the book of Tobit and the whole Sara story? Or there’s something more to it?

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I am not sure, it is something I can ask him. A spirit that can cause one thing can easily cause another. For example, a spirit associated with plague can be petitioned to prevent or relieve it. It is something that has appeared in historic pagan religions. So, he could be petitioned to cause the passion between two individuals from one of love to anger. It could be related to something written in the Ars Goetia about him, although I cannot recall at the moment.

As to why he would, I am sure I could speculate for hours and get no where. He did mention entertainment as part of a reason to work with me in particular, which could factor with others as well. While that sounds cruel off the bat, human do that with characters of their own entertainment as well. Fans of Game of Thrones could probably relate, as there were characters some may have really wanted to die and others to survive. While one can make the arguement that in that scenario the characters are fictional, not real people, it begs another question: what is reality and illusion in the eyes of spirits when compared to humans?


Sugar Cube Observations

Going along with Asmodeus’ recommendations for an Old Fashion, I decided to begin with this part, as I already had most of what was needed to make them. When it comes to cocktails, simple syrup is a better means of sweetening a drink. However, there was just something to this method that seemed more appealing, so I went with it. If you look up recipes online, it is not a difficult process. It is usually made of just sugar and water, but I decided to add Madagascar Vanilla Extract I had on hand. As I combined the ingredients with my hands, the smell reminded me of some of my fonder memories of baking with my grandmother.

As I worked with it, more memories of my childhood came to the surface. Following my gut, I focused on recreating those scenes as vividly as possible, watching them dissolve into the sugar. When well combined, I could not resist taking a taste of it raw. The sweetness brought those same memories to live, until the sting of the alcohol came in, bring back some of the more bitter memories. One can say they were the moment when my anger was born. Instead of denying them, I let them play out visually, watching them dissolve into the sugar as well. A balance of joy and pain.

The cubes turned out more like lumps, which is fine. It was my first go around for now. They will be stored until I am ready to make the drink. I will be making three types of bitters so it will likely be awhile. Should not be a problem, as the sugar is dry. With Asmodeus’ hint of using memories, I am expecting that different aspects of my life will emerge as I make this drink. As to what the point is, I do not know. It will come in time.

I can see this method being useful for other types of magic, especially for those who enjoy using kitchen spices in their magic. For example, I can see this being used to help sweeten an individual’s view on money by combining cinnamon in the recipe with that intention, putting it in their coffee or tea st the start of the day while focusing on that shift of thought. Could be very helpful for those who suffer blockages in that degree.


Chat with Asmodeus

It has been a week since my last entry. A lot has happened, ranging from understanding my limits with the mundane world to a bad mouth infection that nearly put me in the emergency room. It has triggered a lot of self reflection and to finally begin to get myself in order, as I have neglected it for too long. While I am not the one to blame spirits for my misfortune due to my own actions (or lack of), the timing was too suspicious to ignore. This is especially true considering that I am finding that part of the reason I want to work with Asmodeus is to rekindle my passion in my life.

I began with my usual sword banishment and circle of black flames before lighting incense and a candle and calling to him the same way I did in the last entry. This record is what was discussed after welcomed.

A: How are you feeling?

M: Better, thank you. I do have some things we need to discuss before we can continue to work with each other.

A: Are you going to blame me for your illness and bad streak of luck?

M: Not entirely, as 99% of that was my own doing. However, the timing and the pace of it all is suspicious. Did you have a hand with it?

A: Yes, I sped things along.

M: And did you have a hand at three people mysteriously cancelling their appointments the day after a holiday so I could be seen faster?

A: Yes, my goal was not to endanger your life.

M: What was your goal?

A: To ignite the passion. Did you not feel the fear?

M: Considering the pace and size of the infection, yes I did. But is that passion or my survival instincts?

A: Is there a difference?

M: Well, I believe most associate passion with things like love and joy, but based on that response, you seem to indicate you influence all types of emotions.

A: that is true. Passion involves all aspects of the emotional scale, from joy to fear. I can help with workings around influencing those emotions.

M: I see. Going forward, my health and physical means to provide for my family are off limits.

A: Normally people would not work with a spirit that caused them sickness.

M: If you were a spirit I did not know, I would not. You are a trickster, but based on our encounters prior to this working, you are not a liar. But if it happens again, we are done.

A: I understand. What else would you like to ask me?

M: This one is less for me than for others, are you a demon or a djinn?

A: -laughs- both. I was considered to be a djinn and then became a demon in the eyes of humans. But what I am ultimately does not matter. I am who I am. And I am trying to teach you to be who you are.

M: I see. What advise would you give to those who feel like they have lost passion in life?

A: Work with the dead for a time, see why they crave life and then spend time creating something.

M: does that relate to the reason why you are having me make that cocktail?

A: Perhaps. Remember, I am not letting you have the easy answer.

M: Eh, it was worth the try. Anyways, when you influence the passion of others, do you feed off the energy?

A: Not really. I can but I normally do not, unless offered.

M: So, one can not call you parasitic, as you do not feed off beings?

A: All beings can be parasitic. “Parasites”, on the other hand, focus only on feeding, nothing else.

M: So, if you do not consume or utilize the energy released from passion, why do you focus on it?

A: the same reason a poet writes, it is what I enjoy.

M: I see. Going on with my course to break my addiction to tobacco, are you going to be the main spirit to work with?

A: One of. Azazel and Abbadon will also be working with you.

M: Interesting, why them?

A: They volunteered. With our next meeting, call all three of us.

He left at that point. The atmosphere of the room went from the fiery heat that his presence tends to bring to ice cold with his departure. Both the incense and candle went out the moment he left.

Lesson: be careful with your wording with any spirit, including Asmodeus. Boundaries are important for a reason.


All u did was visualize his sigil and say his name??
Whenever I think of Asmodeus I feel extremely lustful and it’s hard to think of anything eles. So I try not think of him or call out his name in my mind. He can be quite distracting when I’m trying to work or concentrate on something.
I am in love with him. And sometimes I feel like he takes over my mind because he will be all I think about.

I’ve head he hates Christian’s. Is that true??

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I said his name 108 times using my mala beads to induce a trance, but yes pretty much. Usually that is all I need to do. If the spirit does not have a sigil, I will visualize a mist as I chant and allow the spirit to form out of it.

I am not sure on that one. Religion has not really been something we have discussed. It is not something any demon has brought up at this point.


Well, fuck me. That’s some pretty solid advice right there, I must just have to take it.

Been enjoying reading this journal. Think I’ll speak with Himself again soon.


this is great. you sound like me :slight_smile: he helped me with protection from- and obtaining info about- my ex husband that was very important for my son’s safety so i am forever grateful to him for that. got way more help than i asked for. for that reason, im thinking of working with him more regularly, if he accepts me.