Asmodeus and maybe Raphael?

After having read this thread Scan & scry the selfie of the person above you (no Tarot please) - #51 by gluttonfree yesterday, I decided to try sleeping over the seal of Asmodeus.
In the thread above, @DarkestKnight stated that "[quote=“DarkestKnight, post:10, topic:116661, full:true”]
My experience sleeping with seals under my pillow is generally waking up really tired, and having weird dreams.

Sure, try again.

Like clockwork, thats exactly what happened. The dreams were pretty weird, and quite “physical”, but at one point, someone or something calling himself “Rafas” appeared and was very angry. I imagine that it associates to Raphael, as he was the one who banished Asmodeus, from what I recall. (I dont recall seeing Asmodeus, or at least I dont remember it, btw.) Additionally, this felt like the worlds most restless sleep ever, despite it being a full nights worth of sleep.

All this being said, I do plan on petitioning Asmodeus (among others) in the near future. Should I take this as a sign of some sort? Does this mean that my target is under the protection of Raphael? I know for sure that she had past relationships with Surgat and Gabriel, though the latter being quite a negative one towards the end.
Does anyone have any insight on this?

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