I’m trying to get better at the whole “astral projection” thing. I was thinking about trying to contact Asmoday for some help on what to do, or see if he can just make it happen and then walk me through it. Is Asmoday the best one to contact? Or are there others who would be better for this?

Try Thalos (from KoF) he is the best.

I can’t seem to find any information on him. Do you know where I could read up on him?

KoF is “Kingdom of Flames.” This is where he is documented. If you search this site, members have also contributed experiences. :slight_smile:

Satan and Lucifer are good entities to work with as well.

hJo, thank you! I don’t know why that didn’t connect with me. Euoi, I will do more research into working with them!

Asmoday is a great spirit for a ton of things that involves lust and serendipíty, but for AP, well, I never heard about anything and cant imagine he willing to do that. Usually, this is a task for more “delicate” spirits, and Asmoday well, he’s the essence of action, lol!

How do you experience them?

I find them brutally painful. 'Specially on my widdle emotional self. But, perhaps that’s because I’m trying to unload my U-haul and repair myself so to speak during my astral projections. Satan seems like working with an excellent cleaver. Lucifer seems more precise and scalpal-y. Style-wise. Both demanding and exhausting and very effective. Dunno about delicate, however.

I also found that meshing with the core shaman journeys provided me a good base.

I don’t know exactly why I thought Asmoday. I was reading something about him and dreaming so I thought it was valid haha. I tried last night with Thalos and I don’t know if anything happened or not. Last night was weird, but nothing really amazing happened.

Meditate lying on your back, on a flat surface that angles your body so your feet are in the air and your head is near the ground. 30° or so should work. You should meditate on your consciousness getting itself right side up. You’ll very quickly feel like you’re leaning upward and placing your feet on the ground. Congratulations! You’re having an out of body experience! Now the goal is to stay outside your body instead of having your consciousness snap back to it’s physical shell once it realizes it’s not where it’s “supposed” to be. For that, you simply practice. Oh, and try to limit sensory stimulus. The slightest discomfort can keep you grounded.

I will try doing that tonight! Thanks for the help!