When I evoked Asmoday he seemed to come up from under the ground. He looked swampy.

He told to work with the elements to bend them to my will

He told me to take control of the power that is mine.
To command the elements.

Walk on the fire.
Walk on the water.
Walk on the earth
Walk in the air.

This is want he told me.
Not sure of what to make of all of it.

Arianna :rose:


I was receiving the same messages all of the end of last year. My 2018 magickal practice revolves around learning the elements.

Once you harness the power and control of the elements you can understand them and control them within yourself and externally.

When we are sick for example, or feel a certain emotion we usually have a lack or excess of one element over the other. To much earth can make us lazy, to much fire can create anger or sexual tension. All random examples but I would fill up the forum if I went over it all. Once you become one with them, you will actually know which element is imbalanced.

I literally justttt finished an elemental meditation… they are very different then basic meditation techniques like pore breathing and light moving. Its really intense, but a good intense. I was spinning so hard yesterday I had to grab my altar.

Tummo mediation for example is a Tibetan technique that harnesses the fire element. The Tibetans can go outside naked during the coldest night of the year and raise their body temperature up to 117 degrees. The snow around them melts. People come to watch and take pictures.

I have the Newark bay in my backyard, literally. So on my way home from work sometimes I will stop by the water and just communicate with it, meditate for 3 minutes or so and let my body feel the movements of the water. At times an undine elemental will come about and say hello sensing me.

Once when I was meditating I was able to raise my arms and raise the flame, then lower them and the flames would go down. I was never able to do this again, but it is just an example.

I think he is giving you a path to work.


Do you have more information on this?

And thank you for replying it makes a lot of sense.
I’ve studied some of that before but had forgotten about it.


No i do not. But if you want to get real damn serious read franz bardons initation to hermetics. Sick ass book i always say it. I hired a Bangladesh man that I know to skype with me and is mentoring me on elemental path working. Just started 2 weeks ago.


Ok cool thank you… I’ll check it out! :slight_smile: