Asmodai, Cimeries and improving seduction skills

After reading about Asmodai on this forum, I decided to petition him with Ritual One from the book Demons of Magic by Gordon Winterfield. My petition was to “master seducing women.” I decided that I wanted to increase my own personal seductive abilities, instead of hoping that spirits will send them my way. In hindsight, I could have chosen a better statement of intent, for reasons I’ll explain later.

I performed the ritual in the morning before heading to work.

At work, I noticed that I had lost my attraction to some of the women I was interested in. It hit me that I had lowered my standards out of desperation. And that I was more desperate than I realized.

This was interesting – I think Asmodai was teaching me that to master seduction, I need to master myself. I need to be in control of my lust, not the other way around. I feel as though Asmodai gave me very useful self-knowledge. I learned emotional control, what self-esteem looks like, and how to stop handing my personal power away every time I’m attracted to someone.

That week, I hit the gym twice. I found myself being checked out by very hot women, both times. And both times, I had no idea what to do about it. I feel awkward about hitting on women while they are working out, I just don’t go there.

So I had the self-knowledge, but unfortunately I still had the social awkwardness. That led me to work with Cimeries, to release me from unconscious fears that weaken me in social situations.

That day, I go to work, and some coworkers who had been working from home during lockdown had returned. I had gotten way too used to having my own space, having remained in the office throughout the pandemic.

Long story short, these coworkers who were suddenly around me brought me out of my shell, making me more confident. It was a subtle process, and I only recently figured out that I got what I asked for.

Apologies if you read this expecting it to end with an orgy, but I feel as though both Asmodai and Cimeries showed me where my blockages were, and helped me to overcome them.

I would recommend spending a little time figuring out what your specific issue or blockage is with regards to seduction, before petitioning Asmodai, Cimeries, or any other Goetic demon.

I hope this is useful or interesting to someone!



You can checkout my youtube channel if you want to learn more, I can’t really talk about that subject here cuss some random news outlet will call me an incel or misogynist, but its all a love game, you gotta lead with sugar instead of salt.

Also work with Sitri, you might wanna look up a man named “pimpin ken”.

Thanks for the advice Titan.M, I’ll check your channel out, and I’ll look out for “pimpin ken”.

I have actually already worked with Sitri, twice. Sitri is great - always delivers, and delivers fast. Unfortunately, I messed things up at my end, which is why I went down this route of improving my own skills before hassling demons to get me laid.

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