Asking spirits to manipulate time to reach success faster

Is it a good idea to ask spirits who has the ability to manipulate time to make things reach its conclusion faster for achieving success faster? I’m trying to get a job but it requires a lot of qualifications. I’m doing my best to get those things done as fast as I can. I need this job really quick so I’m thinking about asking Lucifer to manipulate time to make it happen faster, I will of course tell him to only increase it enough so that it doesn’t cause a negative outcome.

If I could get this job even a day earlier it’d be a win because I’m very stressed out about it. I want to focus on my spiritual goals not lose sleep over financial issues. I’ve already performed several rituals from the 72 Angels of Magick to target specific areas to make sure I achieve my goal. I now want to ask Lucifer to speed it up as much as possible.

I’m using the book Lucifer and the Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose book for this ritual.

Is this a good idea? Thanks as always :pray::heart:


It’s an excellent Plan to speed up time through Lucifer. Maybe Zeus and/or Odin would be interesting for that too


Yes it is a good idea cause I have read a success story from one member with same situation.
Also You can try yabamiah and seer combination in Henry Archer’s magick of Angels and Demons book they have the power To remove obstacles to complete a project on time.

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That’s a really going idea I haven’t tried any of his books yet but I think it’s worth it.

Absolutely , you should give it a go.
My magick experience is just by this book and all rituals were successful, really easy but at the same time powerful method .


You speak about Magick of angels and demons? Heard amazing things about it from a couple of forum members…


Sounds like you’ve done plenty of magick for it, if you’re serious you can do “success magick” by Damon brand.

I’m about to start reading a book called “MASTERY” by Robert Greene. It’s all about becoming a master in a given field.

I highly recommend it


Azazel is the only one I know who messes with time

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I’m not sure if this counts as a spirit or an egregore, but Fotamecus is a shared servitor that speeds up and slows down time. Fotamecus -

keep in mind, if you use it to speed up time, it will balance out and eventually slow time at some point, and vice versa.

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Already listened to the audiobook. But imho I don’t think the book is scientifically or historically accurate but the guy has tight writing.

Well that isn’t an issue. I want my good times to last longer anyways :joy:

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Seere is excellent for this, he’s brought me insanely fast results several times now. I appealed to him last year to get approved for the new car I wanted quickly, fully expecting to have to go try several dealerships b/c my credit was bad and car buying is just a drawn-out PITA in general. I asked on a Saturday night, then drove home in the exact car I wanted Monday afternoon after one trip to the first dealership. Just today I asked him for help with a very expensive package stuck in UPS limbo- delivered 30 mins later. Very friendly and helpful spirit, I really can’t sing his praises enough.