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hey guys, i just found out about a magical pentagram, and the symbols contained within it are so strange to me, so if anyone here knows something about this, tell me pls :slight_smile:


They look like stylized planetary or astrological symbols. I recognize the Sun in the centre, Jupiter to the right, and the two crescent moons on the lower right looks like a Wiccan symbol of some sort. I’m not sure about the upper symbol or the two on the right though.


oh, so what kind of pentagram is it and do u know what is it used for?

Well, since it has astrological symbols, I would assume it represents astrological and planetary forces.

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thks a lots, if u have any ideal about this, pls tell me more

Is this from a movie or something?


I don’t know, i just saw it from my friend’s grimoire

I checked it and it seems it is. There is a Merlin circle as well, which is…this…but in a circle. Probably from the same movie :woman_shrugging:


But is it real and does it have any magical properties

In your place I would ask your friend. If she has it in her grimoire then she must have checked it out already.


the symbol in the middle is the symbol for Helios-the sun. It’s an egyptian glyph. One the bottom right, it appears to be a crescent moon waning and waxing, the middle right is for Jupiter



Can u recognize the other 3 ones?

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Based on that,
it’s most likely to be the other Planets,
since it seems to be a Planetary Pentagram.

a few Centuries back,
the wasn’t 8 or nine planets counted,
but just 7.
Deduct Earth, and you have six.

So the Other Symbols should be representative of:

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus.

Neptune, Pluto, Ceres such planets should not be included here.

Going by the oirder, the upper symbol should be Mercury.
Mars i’d assume to be upper left.
Bottom left is clearly Saturn.
Bottom right could now be Venus or Uranus,
and Since Uranus is farer out,
it is much more unlikely.
So bottom right is Venus.

That makes the complete order of the Sigil:

Middle Sun,
Up Mercury,
right Jupiter,
left Mars,
Bottom left Saturn,
Bottom left Venus.



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