Asking for help

I understood what you said but I’m trying to tell you is that HE IS NOT.

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I think by “inferior” he is probably referring to the type of feudalistic ranking system the Goetia uses.

Sorry dude but I used to be very respectful but when I invoked them, no one even tried to heed my call at all. And this led to my lack respect

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I know

I tried to explain that-

Alright. But seriously, please do some more research and use a bit more respect :blush:

A great first step would be fixing Hecate’s name on your op.

Best of luck.

If I be more respectful and keep trying to summon her, will she come to me?

she already came.

How can u know that?

I can understand the frustration! however, just because you may not be able to recognize their presence does not mean they are ifinitley not there.
You MUST stay positive, the energy you put out will ALWAYS be what you receive.
If you lack respect, they will lack the willpower to want to help you. they are not a tool to be used with recklessly, i would suggest apologizing to them and ask for forgiveness for your ignorance.
Other than that, learn from your mistakes, do not assume they are not doing their job just because they have not manifested, or are not answering you.
If you have done the proper ritual, if you have given them their form of offering, if you have done everything accordingly.
They will do their half of the bargain.
but you must be patient! you MUST be understanding!

I know because anytime you evoke, they come. She heard your call and if you’ve been listening to info about her on youtube, researching on here then she’s aware of you. You need to evoke daily to be able to communicate better. Work on your 6th chakra.

When I evoked Seere, all I felt was a warm presence on my back and shoulders and I know that was him. You have to get the proper shoes in order to run aka work on your 6th chakra (3rd eye- I did mine for about a month total- maybe 3 meditations on it before I did the evocation) and evoke often.

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Ok thank you guys, I may be willing be trying to be more respectful and be patient, and I will do more research about this

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And when I have succeeded,I will tell you all about my experience

If you go into these things with the mindset of “I hope this works”, then you are going to generate the result of hoping that it works. You have to have the firm mindset that your ritual will draw the spirit to you. No half assed wondering if it’s going to work.

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good luck to you!

Many thanks