Asking for help

Hey guys, I tried to summon Hecare last night and It didn’t work, can anyone here tell me why and pls tell me how to do that correctly :slight_smile:️ many thanks

It would help if you actually told us what you did. I assume you didnt just shout “yo, Hecate get down here plz” (assuming you meant Hecate , sorry if I’m wrong)

how do you know it didnt work? it takes time and practice to hear and sense spirits.

Give us some more info on what you did.

Probably because you called her “Hecare come Hecare come”.I am just kidding😙.
How experienced are you? And did you work on your astral senses ? Have you evoked anyone before?


If you go for Godess Hekate evocation i am guessing youre expreinced. And you have Evoked before. Try build a relation ship with her. Make offerings and research a bit more what needs for her evocation

Mantra meditation with “io heka(te), io ho” might help with connecting with her

I did chant her enn and every time I chanted it during the ritual, there was something just kept making my hair stand on end

I’ve practiced witchcraft for years and I now I move on to the path of summoning and invoking spirits, especially hecate so I can ask her something

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I used a Small mirror, her wheel symbol, and 2 white candles and her enn of course, I started at 11:30 pm until midnight
Can u tell what I did wrong plz?:slight_smile:

Nothing really, expect maybe having too high expectations. She most likely did hear you and answer the call. What method of communication did you use? Can you generally perceive spiritual entities? You might also want to try a full evocation formula, maybe koettings and see if that works for you.

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This guy keeps asking for help but WONT listen when we tell him what he needs to do. He’s tried to call on Lucifer, Seere and now Hecate with all the same results. He won’t answer when asked about his Medication, etc practices and he won’t do research or take advice given.
Don’t bother with him.

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In all seriousness, @Ryan_magills, I can tell you that if you routinely ignore advice after asking for help then you are on the fast track to being ignored.

Didn’t he also call Seere a minor demon or something along those lines? jeeebus

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sadly, yes.

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No wonder no one is listening to him while he calls them… wasnt one of the biggest things you first learn while evoking respect? gooooodddnesssss

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I would suggest that you look on basic steps before invoking considering that you have had some failed attempts.
One of the biggest things that i’ve read and cant stress enough is RESPECT.
No amount of offering will sway them if you do not have the bare minimum of respect.
Please do your research! use the search bar you may find something useful, but if you are not willing to step back and learn from your mistakes then no one can help you not even them.


OK fine, but i didn’t underestimate any entity or any demon that I invoked at all
If I underestimated them, I wouldn’t even try to summon them.
It is so misunderstanding of u guys to say so

It’s not a misunderstanding when you think is a demon is inferior because they’re not Lucifer. That’s ridiculous ! Ever demon is powerful in their one right. Yes, they all have different ranks but don’t ever assume that they’re inferior.


If i recall correctly you stated seere to be somewhat inferior in a sense, or something along those lines. You also couldn’t bother to spell Hecate right.
We can only comment on what we can see, and one big thing i can say is thus far you are somewhat lacking the respect aspect of things.
Treat them the way you’d like to be treated! and take into consideration that of what other users are telling and do not be ignorant. everyone makes mistakes but not everyone chooses to learn from them!

I didn’t say that they are inferior to me, I just said what was written on the Internet that Seere is inferior to The Devil.