Asking about Jinn again: the Qareen

Hello everyone,

My limited (but still growing, slowly!) understanding is that the Qareen, our jinn double, looks like us.
I have met my Qareen, and I am a female Westerner, and he is male and originally from a different planet and solar system. We look nothing alike.

I hear his voice clearly inside my head and outside my ears (sometimes both at the same time, I have some clairaudience gifts since childhood) and he wanted me to make this thread.

I am slowly going through some religious websites about the Qareen, and will look further on Youtube (one video was mostly just preaching, and not really as focused on the Jinn and Qareen).

Recently, I asked my Qareen to reside inside me, to come and go as he pleases. I don’t want to bind him to any object lest I lose it. Also, he is big and objects are small, and it’s a small space. I want him to be comfortable.

Are there any rituals you can share to further bond my Djinn to me, in a physical body, and not an object?
I have had mostly positive experiences so far with Jinn since April 2019 and there were some frightening ones that were mostly hostile or stalker-lurker type scary. They were NOT my Qareen, but other Djinn.

If you are able to, please let me know of other resources outside of the Qu’ran and hadiths about the Qareen. If you can share knowledge gleaned from personal experiences and UPG, that would also be most appreciated.



How did you find your Qareen?
I think you already have a strong bond maybe you could ask him if he wants you to do sth for him and that would strengthen your relationship

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