Asking about flying ointment

Greeting all.
Hey guys, i am about to buy belladonna flying ointment to aid my astral projection work and i really want to know if someone here did use it in advance and knew what it was like after using it. Pls let me know ur experience and advice,many thanks

Please be very careful, the ingredients used in this potion are very poisonous


In my experience, it’s like being in a waking dream. Colors were dull, but images stuck out more vivid to me.

It was like looking into a HD t.v. if someone set the colors to a low setting.

However it has produced some of the longest, and most lucid OOB experiences for me, especially when I used a drumming track along with the ointment.

Where did you purchase yours?


Well, actually i made this ointment myself once and it wasn’t effective so that i think my recipe was wrong or something

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Can i use it on the skin of my face such as forehead ( where the 3rd lies)?

I wish I could answer thos, but i haven’t used it before. All I know is that it poisonous

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This maybe be a legend, but I heard that witches would put it on a broom stick amd put it in Their vaginas. Which is where the whole flying on a broom stereotype comes from


Yes, I place it on my “third eye” and throat.

Other places you can place it:

Soles of your feet for spirit waking

Base of your neck and the place where your skull meets your neck.

Armpits, it absorbs into your bloodstream quickly.

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And after anointing that ointment upon ur skin, what happened then? Did it work instantly and what did u feel?

Yeah, i knew about this but how do male witches use it when they have no vaginas

It takes anywhere from 45mins-an hour for me. It depends a lot on your weight, body composition, amount of ointment used…etc.

E des, just rub ot all over.

I ordered some flying ointment as well. I’ve tried some astral projection oil, which allowed me to get into a very deep trance state but I wasnt able to astral project. I’ll see how it goes with the ointment

Lemon extract + Beet root extract.
All I’m gonna say.

I think you might have a hard time differentiating between what is a result of your efforts and what is a result from tripping off the death cherries. I also think you are probably going to want to make sure of the exact composition of the ointment, chemically speaking, so you don’t accidentally kill yourself or induce a grand mals episode.


I think we can add to it some cinquefoil to reduce the toxicity.

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The ingredients are given in E.A.'s “Questing After Visions” book.

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Let me stop you there.

How much cinquefoil to add to what amount of belladonna, and why?

I have to ask, otherwise I would consider this horribly misleading. It’s not that cut and dry, so to give a false sense of safety when dicking around with something like belladonna is borderline criminal, IMO. At the very least it is a liability issue.

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1/2 tsp of belladonna for 2 tsp of cinquefoil, besides u can mix with some other oils like mugwort,etc… to moderate and dilute the toxicity. U can use this as ointment by mixing with an equal amount of animal fat, i always prefer the oilly version anyways though.
What is more, i am trying to create my very own version of flying ointment without using poisonous plants.

this is my version of flying ointment,tell me what do u think about it

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So basically you’re getting high-ish because of the chemical combination. Makes sense.