Asking a demon again and again?

Hello guys,
If i am doing Love or Obsession/Manipulation Magick one someone,is it better,if i evoke the same demon like every day, or 3-4 times a week, to get better results ? Or is it enough if i do it once?

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For evocations, once should be enough.


One evocation with a reasonable deadline should be enough. During that time, you should do your utmost best to forget the person, the ritual, and also your desire.

How? Focus on doing things that make you happy. Indulge in them. If you are aware of any reasons why that person won’t like you or as the reason why they left you, spend the time in working on yourself to remedy those flaws. This helps to remove those energetic blocks.

If you focus too much on the ritual itself, inclusive of doing it multiples of times, you will inadvertently create blocks to achieving what you actually want. Try to do the one ritual as best as you can, establishing a strong connection with the ‘being’ you’re evoking.

Lastly, make sure you shield yourself before you do the ritual, as the obsession aspect may affect you as well, which would be counterproductive.


I find myself in the same position, where I feel like evoking again and again. So what I do now instead is just meditate to their enn and not ask for anything in return since they already know what I want from the first ritual.


How would one shield themselves?

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I was wondering : " what if that person talk to you everyday?" Should i stop to talk with him for a moment,? Or should I continue like if nothing happened ?

Perform one ritual and then wait for results. When doing a love or attraction casting when you perform the ritual you should ask for a strong sign of the Deitys accedance at the end of the ritual.

That way you will know for sure if you are being heard and he will agree to the casting, also set a time frame for the sign, let’s say within one week.

If you do not receive a sign you will know the casting was not a success and should start over. I would wait at least ten days before proceeding with another ritual.

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Love spells can take from 3 months to over a year to work.

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WHOTTT? Who has that much time? They usually take 1week to 3 month (the absolutely longest).
If you see no results try a different ritual or demon. Some demons like us more than others.

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That’s what someone that does it for a living is saying how long it takes. I had other working that took 7 years to happen.Just because its fast doesn’t mean its good either.