Ask Me Anything: Vampiric Adept & Author N.D. Blackwood

Is this ritual the path of the dragon?

I would say Quartz.

I’ll wait for your answer to my question :slight_smile: Please answer when you have time~.

Of what kind have you used?

Classical white Quartz.
I guess than other subcategories works fine also.

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  1. That’s the all problem of the “progressive path”. It is way more experimental than the traditional one, and have been practice by adepts since recent time. Logic would make me says that those who chose this path may continue to feed on a regular base to constantly bring new essence to their astral body.

  2. Those who believe in this path tend to have a particular approach of the Undeads. They evoke them on a regular base, exchange and sacrifice to them. Each of this rituals transform them a bit more, but the Strain insn’t living inside themselve. So the transformation is slower. Some also complement the initiation by making several pacts with demons of various nature. This spirits also assist in accelerating the transformation.

  3. In the progressive path of transformation, you evoke spirits, and sacrifice to them, in order to receive a part of their powers and essences. This transform you, years after years.
    In the path of the Dragon, you become a living portal for this spirits, and is attached to there vibration. It is closer to a “hive” effect. The adept share is powers, but also the essence that he absorb with Those living inside him.

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I actually won’t really recommand to absorb Superior Unknown. They are better than us with this.
Try to be certain you only practice this with archetypes.


1.You said that the dragon’s path disconnects us from our higher body, I was wondering why we need to disconnect from it and what happens when we do?

  1. what happens to the higher body if we choose the method of “progressive path of transformation”?

The highter bodies are the link to the divine/God/and the natural cycle of birth/life/death/rebirth, some even consider them to be a part of the divine that incarnate. To give birth to a new being of demonic nature, created throught will and ego, and cast it out of the cycle, the highter bodies must be renounced/casted away or even destroyed. Our current really specified what happen to them, and from our perspective it isnt really our concerned.

Now regarding the progressive path, having a clear answer is more complicated. As I mentionned many time, the progressive path isn’t traditional. Its a recent experiment from modern magician. It is possible that in the end, it get the adept to the same point that the traditional path, wich mean that the body of Black Light, created throught different means, would lose its connexion to the soul. Some of the Qayinite current suggest that it might be possible to keep it, as a link to the gods. L.M Alexander have avanced this theory. Therefore having chose the path of the Dragon for myself , I would not be able to determine.

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So why do we disconnect from our higher bodies on the path of the dragon? I’m not sure why we need to disconnect.

I’m using a translator, so your words might not translate well, I’m sorry.

The “highter bodies” are the part the attach someone to the cycle of rebirth.
To avoid it, and make the ego permanant, we need to get rid of the part that goes into the cycle. I hoppe it will be more clear to your translator.

Best regards.

Umm…so we disconnect from our higher bodies to escape reincarnation and feed on life force to sustain our astral bodies?

Yes, but the highter bodies aren’t simply casted away, the are remplaced by somethings else : the strain.

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I still have a lot of questions

1.Can I die a second time if I disconnect from my higher body and don’t receive life force for a long time afterward?

2.Can you explain what “anchor” does in the second death, I’m not sure I understand it.


What tome of yours would you recommend for creating the astral body that goes on after death?

Would you be able to provide some basic points to outline it?

This would be much appreciated. Thank you.

How long? When I drain someone I drain them empty and perform the regeneration ritual after which is a daily practice. I stop feeling the difference after a hour.

In Father Sebation’s book Vampire Magick he says that the Ego consist by the prana that is produced by the body but that the body do not produce enough prana by itself to keep the Ego alive without it and the astral body will die also eventually because it depends on the physical body that produces the prana.
What I don’t understand is how the astral immortality are attained through the practice. I mean if you have done your daily vampiric work and generation ritual and you are then stabbed while sleeping, you will by instinct parasite and drain the stabber because they would be closest target to secure the Self are kept alive?