Ask a Succubus/inccubus to take someone shape?

Is This correct or even possible? Imagine that you’re in love whit someone. Then, you should ask lilith for a random succubus/inccubus and ask Him/her to change shape to this person shape or just ask lilith for one that looks like your beloved?


They can do it, my succubi love to cosplay people and anime characters.


Mine too , the astral plane and imagination are beautiful things :joy:

That’s like a cornucopia of infinite cosplay fun. Now can a single succubi/incubi appear as multiples people for that demon train bang bang or does that require multiple beings? Or look a 50 foot tall succubus! Oh a pixiebus.

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Succubus and incubus are shapeshifters (not to be confused with polymorphic) they can shape shift their form to fit an assortment of human (and animal if you’re into that) desires.

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Imagine the possibillities kjjj

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Oh I just have toooo


Colossal titan sucubbi.
Thats anything i need

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Eh, while enticing as that might be one would probably die. I’d prefer their essence just mingle with mine in a full mind/body/soul gasm if that’s possible. Beings with great sense of humor are the best though. Something in tune with my own.

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They know what you want them to look like, they can shape shift.

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Mine change to whatever I want them to be :slight_smile:

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oops like Pheonix said :confused:


When i get one i kinda want to look like this.

Do you like freakish stuff, if so that’s probably why she looks like that in your dreams.

Hmm, you may want to do a cleansing.

In my experience she either takes shape of someone you subconsciously find attractive and familiarity in your dreams. However, she can also possess a real life Girlfriend. Also had an experience where a certain streamer has a succubus tattoo and a porn star girlfriend, one night his girlfriend was in my dream, had sex with me then told me to donate $$ to his stream. SO I think its possible for someone to send her to you in form of their muse, which I think shows a powerful move.

But why would you want them to be someone, or something, they are not? :man_shrugging:
It might be fun and games at start, but there comes a time when they want to be themselves when they are intimate with the one they have a relationship. Could you handle their true form and manifestation and have sex with that, once they chose not to pretend anymore?

There’s different levels of energies and physical manifestations/forms, even on the highest and the lowest of frequencies and all of them is a true form and parts of themselves. Nothing beats these manifestations in comparison to pretend to be something they’re not.


@succupedia Can you please pm me I have some questions regarding me and my succubs. Btw love your work, I wish to follow in your foot steps.