Ashemaoga becoming Ahriman

Anyone here working with the grimoire of becoming Ahriman? It includes the working with the enochian demons. And working with the enochian Keys to them too. There are 57 of them.
Some of them: Mgm, Miz, Mma, Moc, Mop, Mto, Odo, Oec, Oia, Ona, Onh, Onp, Pdi, Pfm, Pia, Piz, Rad, Rpa, Rrb, Rrl, Rsi, Rxp, Xai, Xcz, Xdz, Xii, Xom, Xoy, Xpa.

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what is the name of the grimoire I couldn’t find it.

Ashemaogha becoming Ahriman
-is the name of the Grimoire


It Is a modern Grimoire written by Dastur Adam Daniels

Thank you it looks really interesting and the research seems legit.