Asenath's sigils versus traditional sigils

Asenath Mason gives new and artful sigils f.e. in her Draconian Ritual Book. F.e. for Lucifer & Lilith.
What do you think about these sigils?
They are totally new and I think the old well known sigils work only but I didn’t try it.

Why doesn’t she use these well known sigils for Lucifer & Lilith?

She gives these:

What do you think?
Why new sigils?
Did you try them?


You can even create your own sigils if the entities involved agree with using them. There also other authors who use alternative sigils. S.Conolly (who I personally don’t like very much) uses an alternative Azazel sigil (which I don’t like at all) because she has a weird problem inside her head about Azazel, Zazel and Saturn (accoding to my experience, Azazel is Saturnian as fuck). I don’t use Asenath’s sigils, because despite they look cool and I like their symbolism, I find them too complex, they are more like the symbols of the factions of Blizzard games. I find them better for decoration that for actual use. There are also books about the Goetic demons that use variations of the regular sigils.


It’s all a matter of what works for you. She also created/channeled the Abaddon sigil used in BALG works and it looks more traditional. Her more artistic Sigils will just resonate better for some than others. Personally I consider any symbol or artwork a “sigil” of sorts for an entity if it’s connected to their energy. Her Set and Melek Taus pieces are particularly good from my personal experience.


A well known sigil doesn’t always mean you’ll get the real entity, that’s why I feel a lot of mimics and fakes exist of real beings because people rely too much on well known sigils instead of creating their own and having the actual entity empower it or get a sigil from the entity directly.
Well known sigils have more than just the actual entity attached to it.


I didn’t try the latest sigils from Draconian Ritual Book, but the previous version (see the picture below) of the Lucifer’s sigil worked in my rituals. A newer sigil version is the further development of this version.



This one worked?

Yes, I am using this sigil. It helped me to establish the contact with Lucifer.


Is an excellent one


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Her symbols are “fancy.” They’re picturesque. If that makes sense. I prefer the traditional sigils. I also prefer seals to sigils. I do believe hers work and I believe you can create different sigils for your own work and experiences. Sigils are chaotic, to me.

There’s a simple reason traditional seals are universal. A.M. seals, are designed for the rituals in the books. the path is already stored in it. in most cases these are not technical books. just instructions. thus the doorways are logically mapped out.