Asenath Mason: Yamantaka! (Epic - check it out everyone!)

I have to post it here since it is related to (you, dear) Asenath Mason.

I was drawn to do more magick the moment I came home tonight and wanted to check out and was totally blown away by seeing a Japanese Buddhism
deity of death, that can also help one transcend death itself, on itself - and to Cosmic Justice as far as I understand here, and being related to cosmic justice. I felt drawn by it due to an experience of life as a Japanese spiritualist.

Dear Asenath, is there anything you’d like to tell us about your work regarding that entity and, perhaps information around forging the path with this entity?

I am ab-so-lu-te-ly fascinated and couldn’t help myself but to jump in my circle with the intent to get to know this entity and start working with it.

Any insights you wish to share would be most absolutely gratefully welcomed dear Asenath! :slight_smile:

Absolute gratitude for all of your seriously fascinating work in helping to map out the God-Mind, by the way! :slight_smile:

Wishing you the best! :slight_smile:



These workings were prepared by one of our members and to access them or talk to him you would have to join the temple. I appreciate your interest, though.



I was from this Tibetan tradition but because of initiation secrecy, I can only mention that there are other many factors that is required to practice this Tantric Deity. In the Tibetan Gelug tradition, you will necessary have to obtain a lower level of tantra before being initiated into this Highest level of tantra practice of Yamantaka. They are also many life long vows to be kept and the practice is life long, daily. You will also required to dedicate yourself to the teacher who confers you this initiation. However, when it comes to the LHP, I don’t not know how you will get to practice this or how the deity will respond to you. If you ever succeed in an evocation, then you are opening a vast route to Buddhist tantric Enlightenment. As he is a wrathful emanation of the Bodhisattva Manjushri, I am also very curious to know how the Buddhist concepts of Universal Commission, Bodhicitta, Wisdom of Emptiness gets assimilated into LHP practice. For in Buddhist Tantric in general, the above Buddhist concepts are a per-requisites to practice with Him.

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