Ascent 701: Yes We've skipped 1,2,3,4,5, and 6

I will be Breaking this shit down for beginners, intermediate, and advanced, Adepts/Masters, and Living Gods alike. Each will find their place in this Article and each will know what they need to work on.

Pranayama: Moving the Breath Through Omnipresence

"You must focus on your breath. Inhale and exhale for a count of 6."
Thats all of what people know of Pranayama. The purpose of Pranayama is to be able to connect to anyone or anything and manipulate that thing by sensing it as a part of yourself.

You do this by understanding that your breath is movable! Your breath is literally a energetic connection that starts at your lungs and connects to “Air” or Fresh Prana that comes from your Atman. You can move this connection by will to sync yourself with any plane of existence, person, animal, etc.

● For Beginners:
Inhale for a count of 6, exhale for a count of 6.
Sense the connection your breath has to your lungs.
Will that connection to move from your lungs to an object in front of you.
Continue to breathe and notice the difference in your breath and in yourself
When done, reconnect your breath by mentally commanding your self to do so.

● For Intermediate: Do as above but connect your breath to a Spirit Animal you have a fondness for.

● For Advanced: Connect your breath to a Living Person or Demon/Angel you want to work with. Like in Tantra, but without the sex

● For Adept/Masters: Connect your breath to the Atoms of your body. Notice the direction they are spinning. Change that direction.

● For Living Gods: Go into Omnipresence and connect your breath to all planes, dimensions, timelines, realities, etc. And breathe in.
As you exhale, recite the RAM mantra. As the World around you is made pure by fire, so you will be made pure by fire.


Meditation: Moving the Mind Through Omnipresence

Meditation is a energy. With this energy your physical surroundings become clear and your astral senses become clear. Normally, the first sense to become clear is touch and kinestetic senses. For some your Astral Sight may become clear, for others, your hearing will become clear. Like Pranayama, Meditation is a Moveable energy.


Focus on your Breath and do the following:

● For Beginners: Intend to bring the energy of meditation around you. Connect it to yourself and the thing you will meditate on.

● For Intermediate: Connect the Meditation, to a being you will evoke or Invoke. Or a group of beings.

● For Advanced: Connect meditation to The 4 Elements and make them a part of you by grounding them into your being.

● For Adepts/Masters: Ground Meditation itself into your being to make it a part of you. This lets meditation cease being a tool, and allows it to become your Nature. Enlightenment.

● For Living Gods: Go into Omnipresence. Ground that into your being. Then ground the Planes into your very Flesh. Become Transdimensional.

Do these exercises and Comment on your results below.


P.S.: Yes its Short, but i forgot what else i was gonna write on, its 1:20 A.M., and i am shit tired.
Ill cover Evocation next Article


Thank you!

Like the structure of it all. Very good👍

I think I would like to ask a question here because it’s relevant and important to our understanding of our own Godhood.

When you evoked Delusional Disorder, it mentioned that our Godself is an aspect of Jesus.

What is the Godself and what is Jesus?

In terms of the thread, I think questions like this are worth answering and breaking down in terms of the different levels of understanding and exercises as well.

For example, you could post various levels of connecting with your godself, but also various levels of how deeply you grasp the full significance of the meaning of the term godself and how it impacts your reality.


Lolol @Epsilon_The_Imperial im pretty sure i said the opposite, given my utter hatred for Jesus :joy:

Ill write an article on that later. I do not want to derail the thread


Holy crap @Micah! Only you would think of seeing meditation as an energy! Almost like a manipulatable entity. I don’t know how you come up with these things but your mind is amazing! I stand, once again in awe. This is brilliant. Thank you for sharing. One of my favorite Micah statements: “I have an idea!”


This was very helpful! I definitely had to try this out. :smile::+1:

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@anon9236988 did you get any results from the meditations?

I do want you guys to post your experiences either here or seperately. That way i can look and critique where i went wrong in my channeling of info and how much is legit and how much isnt.
Pretty please?
With the broken bones and blood of my enemies on top?


I just only tried beginners meditation, so nothing too crazy happened. It just helped me ground and raised my energy some. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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I’ll let my Godform do some of that Breathing, i’m currently a little curious about it anyways.
It made me aware of a calling from Nyalrathotep /Cathulu Plane,
which lead to a fast epipheny about Viral Pandemonics which are on Work currently.
(actually, i’m a little confused by the time seperation there, and what exactly the coding will bring forth.)
One possible outcome seemed to be seen as a mass genocide,
I have to reseurch that better before i give it a go, or reject it.
Seems 4 Generations back, my Family owned a personal Work-Camp,
(slavory), however, rebuilding that level of power isn’t exactly my goal.
Yet, it made me extremely curious why so much influence and power had been lost over just a few centuries.
I forced the Political Structure to relabel my status as “limited income capacity”.
The opposite direction, of rebuilding a Slave-Camp would’ve aligned with my Demonic Energys much more.

  • Seems i’m of track!..


I did something very similar to that last year. I actually had some help from a Forum Member and friend, for building a Serviator which integrates into my Athman and makes Meditation a constant side-effect of breathing. :wink:
I have to say, i never had such heavy Headaches as since then.
Yet, it helped me control Energy masses which would have lead to severe Physical Damage and Tumor if i haven’t had that teachnique built out and take control of it.
It also helped me in becoming able to switch off and on my abilitys very instantly, just as going from a room to another.
It filters out an extreme load of Bullshit aswell.
Which is good, especially with Music which usually would affect my Emotional State. - I’m restitant to that like a rock, when i refuse to aligne. (which is extremely useful working at such noisy places and basically having a personal bubble of numbness to filter conversations and orders from general noise and stuff.)

-Edit: Reading it again, i notice i can reference a few different techniques i assume with your words.
The most potent being:
Breathe with the least possible force, exactly as long in, as out. (you can start with counting, but you should find a natrual synchronicity after a minute. having the breath seddle inside ouf you, in belly area. With each breath, at the beginning, where you breath a little heavier, focus on pulling the world around you inside of your body, removing it into nothingness (abyss / nirvana).
When the breath became soft and you feel close to sleeping in, actually forgett that you have a body.
Beginning with your eyes, then your outer skin, then your ears, then your breath, being left with a heartbeat, which you also let go of. left is the warm dark area inside of your belly. where you are now. inside of there, let go of having existed.

-From there, you can travel or create.
by failure you’ll find yourself having a few hours of good deep sleep.
By success you’ll be contacted by a being or create something in “the inner furnace”.
Or, which is even more interesting: merge with the Abyss and take a bit of it back with you by coming out of the exercise. xD


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