Ascension Vs Dark Ascension differences?

Is there any difference between the Ascension method in S Connolly’s “lake of fire”, and the ascension method in Ascension Magick By Christopher Penczach?

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Yes, there is a big difference.

Penczak’s book basically details the methods of the New Age Ascension movement. There are meditations for contacting Ascended Masters, the Pleidians, the Seven Rays of Theosophy, and that sort of thing. No demons, damnation, or lake of fire are involved.


Where does one find these books? This is the first I’ve heard of either of them.

Connolly’s is on Amazon. It’s free if you have Prime, which is where I read it. Haven’t done the ritual, though.

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Ascension - Some concept that people in this forum like a lot
Dark ascension - The same thing but edgy


So both books teach the exact same thing?

It was a joke, because I’ve found the concept of ascension in this forum and people have the thing of taking something and making it “dark/unholy/ etc”

Edit to add: If you want an idea of what could be ascension and dark ascension, study the differences between what is offered in Tiphareth and what is offered in Thagirion

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