Ascension/Self-Deification vs Kundalini

I have been reading some threads reading Kundalini raising.

Another member, @cloud4444 , had mentioned that he had unintentionally started the process, and was afraid of losing his identity due to the ego assimilation, which is apparently part of this process.

Many of the people responding to him seemed to infer that there was no way around this loss of self. No one mentioned anything about whether there was a way to stop the process once started.

When watching videos by @C.Kendall , he mentioned that ascension and becoming a living god also results in moving beyond the ego.

Both of these are very RHP, in my understanding.

Being LHP, I would not want to lose my sense of self, even to gain unlimited power. The ego makes us who we are. Likes, passions, personality, etc. I would think that becoming a living god would open me up to being able to bend the universe to my will and desires.

Is ascension and Kundalini raising the same, similar, or different? Does working with gods on its own eventually lead to this process? Does this process actually lead to loss of the self and identity, or is only the goal of the process of a RHP practitioner?

The ego is useful tool in this world, sometimes we move beyond it, then reattach it, change it, etc. If one has no ego/identity in the mundane sense it becomes, the similarities between RHP and LHP are many yet they differ in many ways too, depends actually if its the yogic LHP & RHP or the westernised concepts of them.


@C.Kendall So, does the ego adapt as one becomes more adept?

This doesn’t really clarify the issue for me.

Self-deification goes hand-in-hand with the loss of ego. Not in the sense that you cease to become a person and turn into a shell with no personality or original thought, but in the sense that you understand that the ego, the self, is an illusion of separation.

Deification could be defined as becoming a god, but imo I think this is a misunderstanding of the term. Deification is realising that you are God. Not the JCI God, not a particular God of any pantheon, but that you are, and you contain, the indivisible creative force, the All, the Universe, whatever name you wish to call it by, and this is the power you wield when using magic of any kind.


@Veil So, if I have this correct, acknowledging our own godhood, using magic, and all to do with it is what we here already do, whereas ascension is a separate process that some choose to go through, where one goes on a further spiritual development and awakening.

No, it is one and the same. Coming to know yourself as God is Ascension, and anything you do along the way, such as the practice of magick, is all part of that process. EA Koetting, in his book Works of Darkness, defines Ascension as the elevation of the entire self, meaning it isn’t just a spiritual thing, but growth on all levels of existence.

You have to understand that nothing is really separate. Separation is an illusion; the material and the spiritual are one and the same. As Belial once told me, there is no division between the two, except the one we create.


So, back to my original query, does this eventually lead to a loss of self, in the sense that ego loss suggests? Also, how does Kundalini work differ, if at all?

What is self ?

You’re identity very much like your physical body is nothing but an accumulation of external things, the body is a accumulation of food. Whilst the self i.e. identity/ego is an accumulation of external influence such as family, media, friends, all of it is a programming in the sense, not to mention we loose ourselves consistently and when we come back from it we aren’t the same as we used to be.

Hence the self continously changes you probably arent the same person you were when you were 8 years old right ? Hell im not the same person i was five years ago, we aren’t meant to stay the same, that is stasis, limitation and stasis/limitation is the antithesis of ascent.

Lets say you shed identity and ego and become source, literally everything through some sort of transmigration. Are you really going to be able to function in this world when someone greets you, will you shake their hand and say

“Nice to meet you i am God” or “Nice to meet you, i am everything/source” probably not a wise choice. Whilst a lot of these lower planes of reality are littered with illusions after illusions, these illusions can be handy we can surpass it when we need too and yet change the illusion to something of our choosing, such as transmuting poverty into wealth, illness into health, negativity into positivity, weakness into strength, loneliness into love, enemies into dust/nothing.

Think on these things before coming to a conclusion, hell go and meditate on them even but you’ll eventually come to the same conclusion either way.


@C.Kendall I admire you highly and respect all that you say. I am at the beginning of my path, so I assume I will come to understand this all more in time. I do understand that people naturally change over time, so it’s just an extension of that process.

No. Your ego is simply a construct that you created and then chose to identify yourself with, and when you begin to identify yourself with the Greater You, the ego takes a backseat, instead of centre stage. It is, however, still there, only it is more of a servant than a ruler.

Kundalini is simply an energetic process that leads to a permanent elevation of consciousness, and, like any profound alteration of consciousness, it will cause you to have to face the good and the ugly of yourself. If you cannot reconcile your ego with the greater universe, then the ego will run amok out of fear, which can lead to either dissolution or egomania. Ego loss is not an automatic thing when going through the kundalini, but it happens when you cannot step outside of it.


I think what it comes down to is that the language used makes the whole idea more complex and scary than it actually is.

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I think of ascension and self-deification to be one and the same. Some achieve this through kundalini awakening, some through other methods. There could be priests, yogis, shaman, psychedelic drug enthusiasts, etc. etc., everywhere and anywhere in the world, from the far past right up until this very second, who have achieved ‘ascension’, all using different methods. I suppose you can think of it as the peak of the mountain, and most people on a spiritual journey up the mountain eventually see through the clouds and come to this realisation. No matter which path they take to climb the mountain.

This is pretty much it. Everyone will explain it differently, or what it means to them… to me, it is simply realising that you are god. You won’t vanish into a puff of smoke, or become a soulless sexless shell with no earthly desires. You will maintain your ego, as in, your sense of self – ideally. The idea is not to renounce the material world entirely.

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