Ascended Masters

Has anyone here worked with the Ascended Masters like Master Sunam, Master Quanz, Raj, Baba Maharaja, etc?
Im feeling a pull to work with them but i hope to fuckin Christ they dont pull me on the RHP :joy:

What were you alls experiences with them?


They’re not about that.


I keep having alot of de Ja vu… or however you spell it. I’m sure I butchered it :joy::joy:

I swear I’ve seen this post before.


Unlikely, since EA worked with them and he is not RHP.


I just started watching EA’s Soul Travel course.

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VERY unlikely you could work with any ascended masters (or that they would want to work with you) - you are better off working with spirit guides or lower energetic forms.

@latakiahaze and why is that

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And besides that, what gives you the authority to dictate who some one can and cannot work with?

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An ascended master is a highly evolved being - since it is reasonable to suggest your soul level is nowhere near theirs - that is why they are intermediaries you can work with.

If my Soul Level is supposedly no where near theirs I shouldnt even be able to talk to them (which I have) right?

Their function is very similar to the angels. They take your vibration to match theirs. To get to that point in evolution. Anyone can talk to them.