Asatru vs Satanism. All my opinion

Positive: Emphasizes getting along with others.
Negative: Seems to focus so much on reputation and what other people think.

Positive: Emphasizes self worth above caring about what other people think.
Negative: Not enough focus on getting along with others.

My two cents: Both paradigms (or all three; after all, theistic and atheistic satanisms exist and are thouroughly unlike) are fucked.

Asatru is an attempted reconstruction of Norse Religion from sources translated or recounted by Christian historians who were nordic by ethnicity alone, generally 200 years after Norse religion was long dead except in colloquial bedtime story form.

Meanwhile the premise of satanism is flawed in that “satan” is etymologically not an entity but instead hebrew jargon for a class of ANGELS, and not fallen ones either. Even applying the principle of charity to the point of equivocating the term Satan with a fallen Lucifer, as modern Christians do because their academically lazy ass translators did 1900 years prior, the philosophy glorifies the base at the expense of what is dualistically the only goddamned reason life exists in its theistic form, meanwhile it’s atheistic form is an edgelord Ayn Rand rip, which in itself should constitute a parodoxical fucking oxymoron.

Asatru is all well and good but at the end of the day it is what it is: a label to describe Nordic Witchcraft that has been Wiccanized.

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