As anybody done the Invocation of Satan in the Anton book?

So I want to know if there’s anybody who as done the Invocation to Satan in the Satanic Bible by Anton. and if so what was your experiences? I thought about doing it but I was scared about doing it… because there’s apart that requires you to call the infernal names and there’s quite a bit of them so I was like so are they all going to appear there or something so I pretty much just skipped that (well I just read the book I never done any of the rituals)

Oh yeah and Dracula was 1 of the Infernal names I never knew he was a actual spirit

The Satanic Bible ritual is not an evocation ritual. The theoretical underpinnings for satanic magic in that book do not even address spirit working at all. You need to go back and re-read the Book of Belial to get a firm grasp on where he is going with that.

And yes, I have done that ritual many times. No apparitions or other weirdness resulted.

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I never meant that there are spirit path workings but they do give a little bit of of rituals you can do half way through the book. I heard part 2 is all about rituals

You heard? Implying you haven’t actually read it

Oh, I have read it. It’s been awhile though maybe your right that I have to re-read to refresh my memory. I did remember that it was a pretty okay book.

If you have actually read it, then this choice of wording makes no sense. You haven’t read it. Go read it and then come back with questions.

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I’ve read part one I’ve never bought part two. That’s why I said that I heard part 2 is all about doing rituals I read a review on the book saying that.

There is a companion volume called The Satanic Rituals which contains a handful of group rituals. It does not contain the ritual you are referring to. That ritual is in the Book of Leviathan which is the fourth section in The Satanic Bible. There is no part two of that book contained in a separate volume.

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In case visual aids are called for

Yes. That’s the invocation I was talking about that’s in part 1

This is not a multi part book. Everything is under a single cover. Just stop with that and go read it

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