As above so below sigyl/sign

I keep seeing this sygil or sign when I am feeling lilith or talking to her, I have been wanting to tattoo it on me for many months actually on my left wrist… But originally I associated it with the Ing rune which is like thisRune-Ing but I always wanted it facing up and down.
But now it is coming more as a pyramid shape exactly like this;

Please share your thoughts and feelings on this.
I know this closely relates to my inner journey.
Love Theó.


If it resonates with you, then go with it: all of this is about your consciousness and not so much about that of seeming others.

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I know what you mean, I just wanted input from the perspectives of others as I feel it would help expand my knowledge on this sygil and the possible meaning of it.

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First of all its very beautiful

Second we’re looking at the zodiac written out in alchemical symbols

So in essence you can see “As above so below As within so without” as each one of us is a universe unto ourselves. Therefore we are masters of our own reality.

What is inside of us will always manifest outside of us but we can not escape being simultaneously influenced by our environment and circumstances

We do not exist inside a vacuum but once we understand our environment we also know how to manipulate it to our advantage

This is how I personally view it and it works for me

I feel this article may be good further reading for you so I will leave it here

Hope that helps


Thanks so much! Exactly what I needed!

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