As a LHP practioner what's your opinion on another LHP practitioner working with Kali Ma? Is Kali Ma a "LHP deity"? Will she interfere with your godhood?

She’s said to give you an ego death. Most of what I read says that LHP practitioners build up the ego so they can become more divine themselves and declare their own godhood. The ego that Kali Ma kills is not the Western concept of ego. Basically she kills all identification with your physical reality.

I was told: “Kali Ma gives liberation by dissolving the illusion of the ego. Thus we are the ever-existing I AM and not the impermanent body.”

What do you guys think? What’s your opinion? Will an ego death interfere with the LHP?


Oooo she is a bridge between your here and now ego and the infinite. The “kalichakra” or the diamond vehicle. Think of it as a vehicle to traverse the abyss, spheres of time, or Qliphothic astral planes. Similar to “merkaba” ideas… but the diamond vehicle doesn’t take you to oblivion and unity with an archon or the new age idea of “source.” Kali ma helps you shift perspectives and manifest your desires reality.

Temple of Ascending Flame PDF about her, amazing resource:

Edit: Also applicable in regards to Kalichakra, in my opinion, is the subject matter of “Outside the Circles of Time,” by Kenneth Grant. Transmutation of the self through and beyond Thaumiel. It’s advanced work I haven’t began to truly fathom, I’ve had just a taste of it but Kali Ma explained part of the working to me. I highly recommend working with her if you’re looking to get out of self limiting ideas



Kali is trouble. That goddess is too troublesome lol. You need a different kind of skill to manage to work with a goddess like that, because in India, various gods and goddesses especially have been created. When I say created, this is an unbounded energy, but certain beings who wanted to use this for certain purposes in certain directions, when they have a certain sense of crystallised consciousness, they created certain forms.

Some pleasant, some fierce, some other ways, so that they could be used for specific dimensions in your life.

So, Kali is a very fierce one. In many ways, she is very easily approachable compared to other forms, much more easily approachable, but at the same time she is very very fierce. There are many others who are more fierce, and These forms were created by certain yogis in the past. Kali is a certain dimension of an energy. They created it and left it loose. So, it’s been enshrined in many places in certain ways one can approach it — she is very powerful force in the existence. And Kali is not the only one. There are others like — Dakini, Rakini, Lakini,

If your goal is to only seek liberation then you don’t even need to work with such fierce entities, need not even enter such spaces because it has so many complexities. It has too many complexities in it.

It is not that I advise you against it or I’m suggesting that it is a bad thing, but it is like putting a child - who has just begun to walk - in a marathon race. He will for sure cause damage to himself. When you are not ready for it, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.


I encourage working with her. I’ll just leave it at that.


Imo she can be fierce with the ego, but she can be very loving once you get close to her


I agree working with Kali is well worth it.


There’s no such thing as LHP deities, an ego death in my opinion is a momentary lose of sense of self where you in that moment feel connected to everything (which doesn’t really require an ego death) you get that sense of self back so no it’s wouldn’t interfere with the concept of “LHP”


I don’t see the value of ego death. I’ve experienced ego death many times on ridiculous doses of acid, shrooms, salvia concentrates, 2-CT-7, and other hallucinogens when I was much younger and some friends and I would see how far out we could get and still come back. It may be achieved via different means than a spirit, but it’s still ego death. I personally don’t believe in the phenomena of, or want, self deification. I am me, I am that I am, and I will be what I will myself to be. I can imagine the replies this comment may get from some people, as it flies in the face of the pet belief and goal of many. I’m not being argumentative, or saying anyone is wrong, I’m just speaking for myself. I’m not some confrontational dickhead, I’m really not. The OP asked a question in the thread title and I gave my personal opinion on some things, so don’t flood my inbox with hate-mail :wink:


Ohhh… makes sense. That explain some things

Wait! I’m very confused. I’ve never heard of this at all. Kali? A terrible and indifferent entity? I’ve never heard of this. You are basically saying a devotee of Kali Ma is DEPENDANT on Kali Ma , for she does everything for her devotees? If they don’t allow her to do things for them it is taking away her bliss and as a result she will make them suffer? Wow! If I’m correct you are also saying Kali Ma makes you egoless and desireless but she will manifest things that you want FOR YOU. I’m quite confused. I know you’ve already elaborated but would you mind going a bit deeper? If Kali Ma makes you egoless and desireless then how does she know what to give her devotees? I desire to be wealthy and famous. Will Kali Ma impede on my desires?

You’re saying Kali Ma will FORCE ME to become isolated from society? If I desire nothing how can I get anything out of life?

Oh I see! That makes sense though. I’ve been practicing the law of attraction for some time and the less I want the more likely the things I want come to me.

Ok I see! So basically what happens is your desires “disappear” for you but she is still able to know what it is you want?

In my experience I’ve always had a better job at manifesting things when I wrote them down. That’s it. No Plans!. No rule book. No guidelines. Just let everything flow and do what is necessary. I don’t stress to much on plans because that makes the energy stagnant. I imagine that’s what you mean. Like for example: I’m working on becoming a famous/wealthy model , actor and singer. I wrote it down on paper and that’s it. The other day I saw something about modeling auditions on Instagram. I’m currently on TikTok teaching about my practice and getting insight about others’ practices. I currently had 110 subscribers. Once I reach 10K or above I won’t have to stress about my other career goals because I will be famous enough to be taken seriously. This is my way of doing it. Not only that but I’m currently using glamour magick to physically alter my body/attributes so that when I’m famous enough I’ll have the looks to succeed. Is this a good example of what you’re saying?

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Hello…being from India I believe I can answer your questions more fulfilling. Kali is said to be goddess of time,space and sex and she is said to be divine mother as creator and end of all all. Darkness and light. Actually kali is just one manifestation of goddess energy… there is many stories behind her and how she is everything within this and beyond this universe…in her form of dhumavati she directly ate shiva thus she ate full cosmos time. Honestly working with her is truly powerful and fulfilling but she will make you go through various test which will make you ascend through diff dimensions and diff levels. She is the mother of all…she will never ever leave her childrens! Never in hell she will…she wont tell you to go to mountains and start praying…she will ascend you to different energies but note that her energy exceeds karma death time and space itself. She and Shiva are beyond death,space and more. Her long flowing hair just looks like universe is rested within them and that universe is causing extreme destruction itself… that’s what it is said to look like!

“The end is me
The beginning is me
The light is me
The darkness is me
Time is me
Space is me
Karma is me
Mahakali is me”

Hope this info helps @itssebastienc


Thanks! What is karma death?

Basically for me personally it’s like when you are free of any karma whether good or bad so unless someone break out of incarnational cycle nobody can have a karma death because it is said that we take birth because of our karma so yeah


So basically… Kali Ma breaks your reincarnation cycle?

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Many entities do that I believe but its goes through your own personal ascension journey and these entities guide you

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