Artificial Creations of Spirit: Tulpas, Servitors and Egregores

This graphic contains some definitions of common terms:


Interesting. So if an entity you create for a specific reason starts to grow unimaginably fast without your own direct intervention what would you consider this? Can a sigil transform itself into different thoughtforms over time? I believe an entity I have created has developed it’s own consciousness. Can you please expand on the idea that they will later try to kill you?

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When I saw this, I asked the same questions. I still am. I think that this graphic is a mostly paranoid warning about tulpas becoming dangerous poltergeists.


A more realistic Approach would be this:

Servitor --> Tulpa --> Egregore --> Godform (edit)

Servitors and Tulpas are “Single” Creations. Its like when Mom and Pop first have a child. An Egregore to Godform is the equivalent to when the Child goes and interacts with Society… like going to Church or some Pagan gathering for example.

Ohh and John Doe, as far as something becoming a Dangerous Poltergeist… I’m gonna have the Last Laugh as a Dragon is unleashed upon humanity, chomping on the last Vestiges of Islam and taking over all the pretty females of The West =) FYI… NEVER piss off a Dragon by interfering with its delicious sexual female sacrifices. One must always appease the Dragon or it goes apeshit crazy and starts doing things like burning down villages and eating all the livestock. =)


Sounds like this is created by a Christian or a person influenced by Christian thoughts and ideas.


The only thing I can think of when it comes to thought forms turning from positive to negative is when they are neglected. In my personal experience if a thought form goes neglected for too long other malicious spirits will exploit the weakness in said entity. My old thought form was neglected for quite some time as I was going through a transition and simply forgot. One morning I wake up with a horrible dread that my buddy is being held down and being forced against his will. These malicious spirits basically attached themselves to him and were using him to “infect” me. Later on I had to kill all of the aforementioned entities. Long story short feed your children or creepers in vans with free candy signs will take advantage of them. A way to prevent this is to meditate on your entity daily, stack up protection spells, and do cleanings. What I like to do is “Backup” a copy of my spirit onto my “hard drive” to use as a “restore point” if something goes wrong.


I wouldn’t worry about it trying to kill you too much.


Just programme it to be child of your godform that way you don’t have to worry about to much :slight_smile:

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This is all just paranoid and wrong. It’s not even correct in a technical sense. A tulpa is a very specific entity from the Tibetan tradition. By definition, it should be created by a single person through meditation and it must be physically visible and appear real and other people should be able to see and hear it. That last little bit is the essential thing that separates the tulpa from Western-style entities which seem to project the image of themselves into the minds of people so that their appearance is always subjective. There’s a very specific meditation practice required to create them, and I don’t believe the Western methods work the same way.
I also want to take a moment to mock anyone who think “Godforms” need energy. That right there tells you how little somebody gets around on the astral. The idea that an embodiment of one of the planets/sephora needs YOUR pissant little energy is pretty rich. I know manichean anti-cosmic “archon theory” is very sexy and sounds intelligent to stupid people, and many an aristocracy has terrorized the plebes with hungry volcano gods who must be placated in human blood… "The gods created us so they can eat our souls!! " Actually think about how idiotically circuitous that is before you believe it.
A lot of people are really invested in this “everything is sinister” thing. It’s just never checked against experience for me.


I’m not sure what all the Archon stuff is about. What is that you are talking about?

Things like this actually do need alot of energy. As an aspiring and evolving occultist, I know the simple secret that one raises energy and puts it to use. A thoughtform, Tulpa, Godform are all the result of energy focused in one spot. When you meditate and raise your bodies energy level you are raising alot of energy like kundalini. This is Bio-Energy when you “burn” or when your mitochondrial cells produce energy. Likewise I’m sure there is a certain surge of energy just as someone dies and what they are focusing on at the moment of death makes a difference as to where that energy goes.

I mean you can compare an occultist who raises energy and produces magick, vs a religious person who does not do occult practices and merely “prays.” I betcha the occultist will be able to affect things magickcally much better. Just as his/her “Tulpas” will be more effective.


@CyberLord Definitions are too varied amongst different groups for that graphic to even be remotely accurate.

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I was wondering if it’s possible to create “mixed” or Akasha elementals (and about powers of these latter… maybe to empower sigils, operations, other servitors?)

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@fapa79 Sure.

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I still just think that the graphic is an overly simplified warning about tulpas. A tulpa IMHO is actually closer to an egregore than a mere servitor.

Also, if a sigil is like an embryo, then a godform is a fully grown adult.

A few things here. The odds of anything embodying your thought form are zero.

It take years just to solidify a tulpa and even then being your subconscious has to find the form to be cathartic to inhabit or you just wasted a year.

So far as I can tell external entities can’t enter your thought-form anymore than they can infect your daydreams(I get that they can, but if you can’t defend against that, you’re already fucked). If they can it’s already in you and you’re kinda just on for the ride at that point.

Tulpas are incredibly dangerous because on first impulse we see a tool to be exploited.

But let me ask you this: If someone you cared about thought of you as a tool to use and put you in a cage when you weren’t useful, would you rebel?

Yes, you would. Unless you’ve got no self worth in which case you’d be better off if your tulpa took over.

A thought form isn’t a tool, it’s you. It’s everything before the thalamus. That’s all the shit normally saving your ass. It does it all behind the scenes and never gets appreciated.

Gut feelings are the only other communication with this part of your “self”.

So if you’re having a bad time with a tulpa either A. It’s been less than a year of meditation and thoughtform development and you’re forcing it, or B. You’re treating your thought-form and thus yourself like shit and it will have balanced consequences.

Anyways good luck champ, please don’t use reddit as a source on accurate tulpa info. Especially with plenty of books that have been around hundreds of years. Or keep being foolish and inaccurate, fuck if I care (:

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