Freakishly lovely paintings by a friend of mine. It was a spiffy start to my day after the longest night ever. Enjoy!!whats-my-deal/c18bc

Nice picture :slight_smile:

Which one? The garden gnome (under ‘Random shit’ menu) pleases me greatly. …my mother has a thing for garden gnomes. Ah, nostalgia!

Nice! I liked “Galactic Black Mass” - reminds me of old posters from the psychadelic era, only with a twist. :slight_smile:

Definitely a few twists. :slight_smile: “Sit on my lap” is cuddly and comforting. The ultimate hug.

I’ve noticed lately that with my daily trance oddness, my nightmares no longer scare me, and I have had a lot of lucid dreaming experiences. This is amazing as I’ve fairly successfully blocked my dreams from conscious recall since age 5. I used to have an intense fear reaction (nausea, wanting to run away screaming) viewing Eder’s work, or any similar art even though I adore that level of detail and his craftsmanship is divine. Seeing it today and enjoying it was such a shock. Then, again, having tiny demon insects ripping open my face and making me a new one out of sticky black honey-comb goo has also been re-categorized as fascinating…probably shoulda forseen some “real-world” changes in perception, I suppose. Now I want to re-watch the horror films that terrified me and see what happens…