Art Journal: Lucifer and Izaka

So just to sort of better explain myself I figured I may as well start this art journal. I thought it might be fun.
So I kind of went through a bit of shadow work/had an argument with Lucifer where I had been doubting his intentions to me and that I thought he was a parasitic entity. To which I did mention some personal things that he did in fact know about and asked me how I’ve felt around him, I mentioned that part of me does feel like I know him and I of course did in fact apologize profusely knowing that my environment to where I reside with my family is currently toxic. He mentioned the name Izaka. To which I replied was that my name? He confirmed yes. I also managed to ask him to describe what I looked like to him. (Interesting thing is he said I look very much like my past life incarnation albeit with some differences) but here are some drawings if you want to see!

I got a confirmation through my Clairaudience that this was what my angelic self looked like to him, he said that I had been in charge of animals (need to do a bit more soul investigating). But here’s some more art if anyone is interested

Here’s what he looked like in my oasis dream.

One of them was Lucifer that tackled me. His head literally looked like it was on fire and the one with the horns was a different entity entirely.

Here’s a colored version of what he looks like to me. I will post a version of what Izaka looks like colored!

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Maybe you should talk to the archangels about your past life? Perhaps they will reveal some new aspects to you?

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Interesting. I’m a tiny bit intimidated because of the whole angels and demons thing. But I’ll have to do that. Thank you!

I did I brief pendulum reading and Lucifer said that I was connected to Gabriel. So I should talk to Gabriel I believe

Try to contact Gabriel and see what he tells you.

Gabriel is the best to contact in my opinion.

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What Angels and Demons thing? Lucifer gets along with Michael I heard from Michael that they are companions, friends.

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Again it’s probably an abrahamic trauma view. Which I need to drop and quit fixating upon it.

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I asked Michael some time ago if Lucifer had beef with the God of the Old testament and I heard that they will only tolerate each other if needed, but I believe Lucifer is on good terms with Michael

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