Art galery of selkie

I just wanted to make a topic just for my art .w.
Because Im going a lot of art recently xD

So first, my wall of energy reading made for people from here :black_heart: my favorite thing .w. I hope to do that again soon… But I think I lost the trust and interest of people here :joy:


Thats impressive (I can also spot two of mine) :open_mouth:


Did you change your name ? I dont remember it ! :o also they are not all there :upside_down_face: I think I maked a hundred of them ! Ahah and when I started I was painting them on each side of the paper x)

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yeah, I did :slight_smile:

Yes, I remember. You did a huge amount

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Another thing to add to the galery !

I maked paintings from the nature :sparkles:
Technically Im gonna sell this type of things, but this paintings gonna go in living room :upside_down_face:
they are made with natural pigments that I have found in the north forest of my country and worked myself to transform it into paint (dirt, sand, ashes, clay, charcoal, etc.)
It make me feel close to the nature and all what is arround me :herb: and I can put intention in them, using specific pigments and make them more magickal.
I love how we can feel the texture of all the dirt, sand and Everything I’ve used!


Aaah That’s why I dont remember you :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeaaah it was a nice time :upside_down_face: maybe one day I will be able to do it again

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I also maked two other paintings :upside_down_face:

I used charcoal and a nice grey sand that I never saw in nature ! I wanted so Much to test it… Depression inspired me for this ones. So I tried to put my dépression into them


And one last painting that I made today :upside_down_face:
:joy: I started with three, then two and now one

This one was inspired by moon eclipse…

I used charcoal, again, a copper sand and a nice soft brown :black_heart:


Just a little drawing that I’ve made for Duke Sallos :pray:

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When I tried to paint my own energy :sparkles:


I really admire your work.

I’m looking forward to that. :sparkles:

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Some really great paintings, and absolutely awesome that you make the paint by hand with natural materials.

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Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: it meam a lot to me
I’m slowly starting to see the end of what happen in my life ! I have hope ^^

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Thank you :slight_smile:
Using natural pigments really motive me ! It make it more interesting i think…

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This one was made with the help of Lucifer :black_heart:

I used charcoal, a pink ashes that turned some sort of orange and a grey dirt🌿

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