Ariel's dream journal

Since I have a lot of interesting dreams and I have no idea what could they mean or whatever, I decided to make a thread here because why not.

Today’s dream!

All I saw was darkness and suddenly a red eye appeared. I had this intense fear and I couldn’t move at all. I was laying on my left side and I had a really deep bad feeling.
I was burning, it was so hot, I thought I was going to burst into flames, It hought I was going to die.
Prior to that, me and some people were in a room with that My Little Pony toy that was definitely cursed and I definitely have this at my apartment because my niece left it. But the difference is that the toy from the dream could move it’s head and talk. I remember offending it by speaking in a higher tone and then everyone got hurt. So weird. Then i thought I woke up because I opened my eyes and I was in my room, everything was fine. Then I laid back down and that happened with the red eye. Then I started screaming and I woke up but I wasn’t actually screaming. Inside my head I was.

I woke up at 03:25 am and I am still tired asf.


I love dream journals. I will definitely be following yours :wink:


thank you! then definitely stay tuned hahaha:D