Arianna ~ my journal ~



And this is why you shouldnt piss a lion off



Yes I’m in my feelings right now. :confused:


:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs: I’m right there with you luv


It’s just already one of those days :joy::cry:


Girl I know I feel it. It comes in waves. Stay strong babe :sparkling_heart:


Yes it does, thank you … I will :slight_smile:








Who’s says I don’t write I have books upon books written by hand.

Plus my grimiore and book of shadows.

Which will be given to my daughter.

I do way more work than I share and I know way more than I will ever say.

My body may get broken but my mind will survive through it all.

I do not care for Facebook do to its gossip and small town people know all of you business anyway. And the fakeness I know damn well Joe blow down the street couldn’t care less about me …but act like he loves me to death on fb .
Fuck that… don’t pretend to be my friend just make yourself look better to the public.

But I do think that some social networks have there place. At least for now. Kik has been great for my social networks.

Not everyone works the same or does the same thing. …we all have different jobs to do. We all excel at something better than the other.

One day it may not be needed but until then I like what I do.

Also I do have some published poetry ~
You just won’t ever find it most likely.

Like most writters

Names change.

:slight_smile: :v::sparkling_heart::heartpulse:



I think for once I am really really happy :heart:





Never been scared

Whether I’m with one of my crews or by myself.