Arianna ~ my journal ~


Get ready… TO RUMBLE!!!


I was given a game plan :smiling_imp:


I might not be able to walk after this battle
.but I fought last year and walked away the victor. I’m 1 and 0 so it’s round 2. And I might take an ass beating, but you will end up in hells gates. And it’s not gonna be fun :fire:



Kick some ass!


Go ham on this bitch. They have me fucked up if they think they will defeat you! You. Will. Win!





I love Mr World wide! Great song!



Undertaker is one of my favorites… :heart:


I love undertaker … :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::heart::heart:


So remember when I said I Had incantations to make diamonds fall from the sky :smiling_imp::joy:

Whose your mama now?? :laughing:


Well shit.


Proof right here!! :joy::smiling_imp:


Death by armor piercing shiny stones?


I would hope they would miss me …but land close enough I can get them :joy::laughing:


On a more serious note the brain translates this to is either a component to a wealth and prosperity ritual or one for poverty and desolation.

Since if ya have highly valued stones falling around the person it would be a blessing as then you can gather them. But should they fall on ones head or strike the financial life as it were then that would leave one in ruins.


I sense if she wanted to, she could do the same with meteors.