Ares the god of war

Which goetia demon is Ares the god of war ?

Some say Asmodeus and some say Andras but really who ?


There’s a lot of conjecture on masks or cultural appropriations of different spirits. The only way to know with any certainty is to ask.


True but I want to know what others think here too and as you see I already mentioned two demons

Why not just evoke the demon/spirit of mars and see who shows up :thinking: that is one way to find out.


Did you see the two I mentioned ? I need others ideas and thoughts too

What i mean is a type of planetary/demonic blind evocation. :thinking: doesnt come without some risk but youd likely get your answer.

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Oh sorry I understand now

Thank you so much

Traditionally, Demons from Ars Goetia have different ranks, like King, Duke, Prince, Marquise, President (no Gods). Depending on which edition of Ars Goetia you’re working with, the first 6 ones reside in the Aries zodiac position. All 72 Demos have many different attributes, so you can do some research on your own, it’s not that complicated.
Asmodeus is very strong, earthly demon, associated with Hell.
Andras can learn you how to kill. So both of them can be related to war.
In Hellenic magic, Mars is the god of war.


According to what I’ve read Asmodeus is tied to the sun, but he does have many Mars like qualities. I’ve never worked with Ares so I cannot compare personality. I’d ask myself, but at this point 95% of my answers come in the form of song lyrics I hear in my head at really odd times.


So I guess now I should ask can anybody name some Mars demons ?

Or if there’s anyone else who can tell me about Ares

I don’t see Asmodia as being the god of war. Perhaps Alastor But he would be more the god of murder. Instead of looking at current attributes of the dukes, princes etc… of hell I would look more at their histories when they fell from grace. I remember one of the third who set the seventh heaven ablaze whose attributes are similar to those of Ares but whose name I can’t recall. You can also look at the seventh heaven itself Almost all angels of death are amoral and I’m sure at least one of them is a battlefield genius.

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I would say none of the two.

I have worked with both and they don’t come across as fitting the description of Ares.

Why do you ask? How is the information going to help you?


Ah :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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