Are tools required?

Are Athame/chalice necessary when evoking? I’ve heard one should put candles on chalice and athame while invoking any entity?

They aren’t essential but definitely a very nice touch , like image taking a girl on a date , so you need to open doors for her or pull back her chair etc ? No but it’s a very good touch and will lead to better results .

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No, tools are not absolutely required. However, that doesn’t mean you can just skip everything and still get a result.

One of the principles for successful evocation is the use of a working system, which means a system people have used successfully to evoke an entity to physical appearance, and most traditional systems do require certain tools.

The tools are for the magician, and each one serves a distinct purpose. They help facilitate the necessary mindset for the manifestation of the spirit, and it is best to understand what each tool does within the system you are using if you want to succeed.


That’s correct.! I thought about it before that tools must be required for some reason but I still don’t know what they offer in invoking. I will surely look into it.

Since, it’s a complete lockdown here in my country I can’t obtain chalice or Double edged dagger. Do you advise refrain from evoking until the lockdown is over because I was intending to invoke the wandering demons of the night.? Or do petition spells instead?

Will try my best to get it in time since it’s Complete lockdown here in my country. Sadly :frowning:

It really depends on the system you are using to evoke.

The Golden Dawn system, for example, involves a lot of different tools, like the four elemental weapons, elemental tablets, the lamp, a specific type of altar, a triangle, etc, while EA’s system in his book Evoking Eternity requires just a basic altar, a chalice and a dagger.

Follow the instructions of the specific system you are following.



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Thankyou.! The Golden dawn system looks very intense for a Dabbler like me. I will go with E.A’s method as.

Also in works of darkness On 4th chapter there is a rite of consecration which states the following chant for exorcism “Exorcizo te, omnis spiritus immunde, in nomine Baphomet, et in virtute veneficium, ut descedas ab hoc humus, quod ego noster ad templum sanctum suum vocare dignatus est, ut fiat templum dei vivi, et veneficium habitet in eo, Exorcizo te!”
Can it be recited even if we are unable to pronounce it correctly or is there a alternative for this?

Yes, it can be recited even if you stumble over the pronunciation, but it’s Latin so you could probably find the proper pronunciation with Google.

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Thankyou so much for giving light into this matter. :heart:

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It depends on the entity , you can always communicate easier with your guardian angels they are always with you so it is much more easier than archangels and other angels, you may have to.add some tools such as candles, bell, scents to invoke archangels .
If you do not have any of them you can only use sigil
I am only into white magic and angels that is why I cannot say anything about other entities
Blessings :innocent: