Are things set in stone?

I recently did some divination in order to find out possibilities within my career, and although the outcome was very good and led to an indication of me being able to have wealth, I was a bit disappointed with the outcome because it didn’t align exactly with what path I wanted to go down. Are the answers that we get from divination set in stone or what we HAVE to do, or can I make my own path and still be just successful if not more?

Signs told me that I don’t have to do much but manifest and stay open to opportunity without doing much rituals or spells, but I’m thinking if I use magick in order to manifest the path I wanted to go down I could have the divined “destiny” for me at a more powerful level and/or be able to do it but also go down my own desired path for the result that I want. I’m not the most adept yet so I’m looking forward to hear from someone who is.

Thank you xo

Anything dealing with the future is never set in stone, choices of yourself and those involved will always change the outcome, things only become barely set in stone when it comes to the consequences of the choices.


You incarnate with a set of circumstances and always have various timelines within a certain spectrum where you can go to , you do have free will but it’s free will that’s guided

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How do I figure out what my other possibilities are and what can and can’t happen for me? Are you implying that what I was told was only one path to success for me, (in my career field, in this case)

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I agree with @anon48079295. Nothing is certain. I don’t know if you ever use I- Ching but all it shows, like all the other divinations, is the highest probabilities, they highlight what seems the most probable for the present; not definitely what will happen


No you can do anything you can believe uourself to do and align with internally , and put the work in externally , I’m just saying that if your born in a billionaire family the timeline where your on the streets begging for money is never happening in your incarnation

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i get it! kinda like the easiest path for me based on current circumstances? I’m so new to everything.

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If I go back and ask more specifically what I have to do for the specific path I want, will that be more helpful for me.

You just have to lay out the circumstances you want and mentally align with it , humans mold energy fields by simply observing them ; go to sleep in the circumstance you want

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