Are they trying to reach me?

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to know what you guys think, as I am very new at this. I’ve been wondering about something and would like to know what the more experienced amongst us think.

So, about of week ago I tried to evoke both Amon and Sallos. I asked them to do something for me. At first with Amon I got “sort of a feeling” but not to intense. With Sallos though, I had an overwry feeling of… ? I don’t know, warmth I guess? It just feel so soothing and relaxing. But with both the first time a tried, was the only time I could actually “feel” something. After that, when I use their sigils/enns/songs… nothing!

Its kind of frustrating for me, as I don’t know if the connection is actually made, if they heard me and are working on it…?

But for the last week or so, I have been getting frequent headache’s. I suffer from migraines, but this headache is definitely not that, I would know. These headache’s pop when I think about them, or when I try to meditate on them. Also afterwards I get extremely tired, like drained of energy and just wanting to sleep.

Could this be one of them or even both of them trying to reach out to me and tell me something?
Its frustrating, because obviously I am not (yet) able the hear them, should it be them trying to reach me. Which actually is all I need from them, to just let me know that “yes, we are working on it”. Which would help me let it go for now and just sit back, rely, knowing that my results are coming soon. But not being able to understand what’s happening and not knowing if and what they are trying to tell me ( if at all), just keeps my mind in constant state of flux.

I’m very curious what you guys think about this. As I said, I quit new to this, so all you guys’ input is very much helpful and appreciated! :raised_hands:t5:


Something tells me you wasn’t ready for this… Did you try to evoke them? Have you ever worked with your own energy? Might be the reason you feel drained. If you are completely new to this you shouldn’t have done it… In my opinion.

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Did you ever cleanse the area before and after the ritual? It could be parasites.

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Completely new to these entities, yes. But not new to connecting with spiritual realm.

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@Prophet good question. Never thought about that actually. I read the 7 steps on evocations and I believe it did not mention cleansing. So I did think it would be necessary.

Interesting take on it might bring parasite. However, I don’t necessarily think that to be the case. As it doesn’t feel “bad” to me, the atmosphere is actually relaxing but opening the sigil just takes a lot of my energy


Sallos if he is the one you had a relaxed feeling with wants to speak with you about something try cleansing your self and where you call them before you call and make sure they have a place to sit and you have already gave or prepare an offering to them and always focus and relax when u call…keep us updated I love to hear back from you to see how things go

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@bunny4cam thanks for your reply!
It was indeed Sallos which I feel soothing and relaxing with. But for some reason he just doesn’t seem to get through…

If you dont mind, would you share some ideas with me about cleansing?

Also, I read that you shouldn’t give offerings, untill you see results or else they might just not to do job as they already got their offer?

I would love to keep you updated, should anything happen. For now unfortunately there is not much to share :persevere:

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Cleanings is basically cleaning the area of negative energy basically taking a bath cause it helps relax you and it helps with connecting better

I have sage incense stick and Florida water. Would that be enough?

Yes it should be you also make sure you have the correct candle colors as well