Are there trickster entities and which are seem to be , according to your personal experiences?

So you are a Christian witch…! Nice to meet you and i appreciate a lot, your interest and help to clear up this head :joy:
Thank you!

No no, I’m not a Christian witch xd I lack English vocabulary to label myself

Lmao okay i was confused :joy:

Okay @MagusOfGamaliel last question, have you ever talked with Virgin Mary or Jesus? Those are entities not so famous in here…

I’ve had Freya and Bast say they’ll help me curse someone and nothing happened BUT a few days or weeks later I realize that I was just being impulsive. They picked this up on me and I guess they just humor me until I calm down.

I had Ares and Aphrodite encourage me to go after a girl and later they told me that she’s not right for me. Actually I kinda fucked up there so…

And Lugh tricked me once in order to teach me to be careful with how I lay out terms with other spirits. Yeah he did give results though but made me realize how fucking specific you have to be when asking.

Harm nah no God does that randomly. They will trick you to teach you lessons / help you grow. However if you’re constantly getting 0 results then there’s something wrong.


As you could probably tell by reading my journal, I’m mainly a demon worker who follows the Law of Thelema, but I’m in love with the Orthodox Church because as I’ve studied Hermetic Qabalah and the Law of Thelema, I see deep wisdom in the words of the Orthodox priests and saints. I was lead to that wisdom by Azazel and Astaroth, and also by ties I have with it from past lives, thus my relationship with Christian deities is very personal and maybe weird, because I don’t attempt to treat them like I would with spirits that are more meant to be evoked, but more like connecting with them in a supra-rational way. I have the same relationship with the Thelemic goddess Babalon. However, I also see Mary and Jesus through a Thelemic lens, thus, without aiming to be offensive, Mary is the oracle (Qabalistic concept, tunnel of Dagdagiel), thus the whore (holy concept in Thelema), the one who is penetrated and impregnated by divinity, and Jesus is the Pentagrammaton, the powerful man who has dominion over the elements of creation


Thank you for your reply :sun_with_face:
Ahhh Aphrodite… i was calling her, for 2 weeks× 3 months in a love ritual process.
I lost 4 kilos because of the huge amounts of energy i was giving there, feeling weak and dizzy every day., Couldn’t concentrate and live a proper human life… (I didnt even care i had these effects, i was glad i was doing this effort)
And i was really sure and confident I would have the results i wanted, this is how the tarot readings back then were showing and what my feeling was saying.
Guess what, absolutely nothing happened :laughing: :v::v:

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Really interesting and worthy your own personal attempt of the divinity and your approach of rhe Christian symbols.
Im gonna look up your journal also, didn’t know you had one here :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m so grateful for all of your assistance, as I’m trying to shape and find my own path in this spiritual chaotic area…
Its unbelievably scary but beautiful :purple_heart:

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There are a lot of quotes and music, however, the second half of it after my two months break has more interesting articles

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She mostly helps with self love and if someone’s not good for you well she will make sure you don’t get them.



And if they don’t like you their trick’s can be frontally painful

Hello Emily! Thank you for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:
Do you have any personal experience to share with us?

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Thank you, I have had things fly off the wall sewing boxes tip over. I did a spell a long time back for friendship to a little girl that was very lonely and my life has been very hard and painful. Turns out she’s gifted spiritually but she chose the wrong way to come through it. I have known a great deal of pain ever since. She trick’s them and then turns on them