Are there any servitors that can help open clairsenses or even help with trance?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been stuck in my journey for some time now. I was wondering if a servitor can help open my Clair senses or even help with a deep transe or astral travel? I know some members have shared their own servitors on the forum rather generously but I haven’t been able to find any such servitors specific to my requirements.

So if any of you know servitors in the public domain that can help with this, it’ll be a big help.

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Your clair senses arent closed but they can help you improve them yes, they can also alter your mental pattern if programmed to do so/commanded to do so. However, you’d have to give it time as it learns to do what its creator can’t so like it takes times for you to learn something so does it for servitors, to learn as they work.


Are there any servitors in the public domain that you’d recommend?

I haven’t seen anyone make any servitors for that yet, maybe @Keteriya might have?

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Not that I’ve released for public or had long term feed back on otherwise :slight_smile:


Any chance of releasing anytime soon? :see_no_evil: This could be super helpful for many of us.

Any tips on what instructions we should give if we make our own? I have tried using your servitor guide before but was not very successful. I feel a presence but not a strong one and it doesnt do what I instructed it.

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It takes time and I the ones I’ve made, I’ve advised their owners to use them on a regular basis- daily if possible but as often as they can, same as you would meditation or energy work and to banish afterwards so that it helps you learn to discern the energy.

Servitors take time to learn their tasks, and if you don’t have developed senses to work with the servitor has to learn how to help you and that may not necessarily be directly. Working with any spirit helps, but it may even be the lead you to the techniques that help you the most, rather than directly effect your senses to begin with.

I can’t really comment legally on the forum on why, but I actually don’t have plans of releasing any others publicly. Granted you never know what will come up spirit wise and sometimes like with Stormy, it’s part of a deal with the spirits I am working with when I do.

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No problem, I understand.

I think part of the problem might be that I am not giving sufficient time. Id try to make one again and stick with it longer this time.

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Also, thank you… I always find your words very reassuring :heart:

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Yepper no problem :slight_smile: Patience is the hardest part of this magical shit imop, I’m not a very patient person either, but usually in the beginning if you can muster some up it goes a long a ways.


You keep on stirring me to want to try servitors again. is it the type of magick you work with most often?

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Honestly no, I do more directing my energy at a result or playing with new grimoires to test how they work, but the creation process is all about energy and I downright love it the most out of everything I do.

I only have a few I use for myself, most of them go on to other users. I use them for things I’m too lazy to do though, like getting the right customers for my artwork and stuff like that-stuff that is long term and not one offs- like pretty much all of my material needs, I only need met once. Like a new bed for each kid, etc. So I’ll do a single working and not need to ever repeat it. :slight_smile:


Have you ever powered up one of your servitors with an orgone generator or used radionics?

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I have not. I use my energy alone to create them, and once in a while an entity will offer to empower them, or I’ll go to Morax to broker a deal to give them a soul.


I’ll be messaging you here or on your shop probably in the next few days. As there’s going to be a lot of humility in my request from a past trauma or two :kissing_smiling_eyes::joy:


I had one to help me astral travel I would end up with spirits helping me out of my body, but I think some turned out to be demons so you may want to specify what sort of spirit you want. I had a few okay experiences.

sit facing a wall, when a thought comes to mind classify it into a category by saying “having believed thought about ______”, then feel your breathing, the breeze on your skin, your butt on the ground, the sounds around you and go back to being aware but not interacting with your thoughts gazing at the wall. you will reach a point where all thoughts will suddenly disappear and it’s just “you” sitting, that state is what you should personify into a servitor.

how would you?