Are there any non-lethal curses I could use on someone?

Hi, a situation has come up where a curse is needed, although I don’t want the curse to be lethal (although if there’s the possibility of them offing themselves, I’d rather that not happen but I’ll still consider it). Something I’m looking for is for their life to fall apart, to have bad luck in getting into college/university classes (such as the class being full when they try to get in) or maybe not even getting into or getting kicked out of said higher education academy, have a hard time getting a job or even if they do they get fired or at least have a bad time with it, where they have a hard time making friends or even get bullied, their social media accounts get suspended/banned, they get depressed, etc. Things like this are what I’m looking for.

If there are any entities or demons that can do stuff like this to my target, that would be great too, but I’d need to know their sigil.

Just think of what you want to happen to them, charge it, and send it to them. Nobody has to die lol
Death is no punishment at all.

P.s. By “Charge It” I mean use your own will, use an entity, or create an entity.
After that are where the variables lie.


ever heard of a road opener? do a road closure.

light a yellow candle, stare deeply into the flame, visualize your target in a paradise, visualize the sky darkening, then shadowy creatures shoot up from the ground and begin chasing your target down a road paved with gold, have the road fall away (like a sinkhole) and suck your target into a black vortex with no escape.
blow out the candle.

thats how you close somebody’s road. neat little curse, this will wreck a motherfucker’s life. use sparingly.


Freeze spells seem to be the go to for non lethal curses for some people here if you’re interested.


Bindings, like the suggestions above, are very non lethal, yet effective.


A witch bottle with a link to them filled with toxic plants and nasty things.