Are there any entities, beings or forces that are good and want to help people to find inner knowlege and inner wisdon like in gnosis?

Are there any entities, beings or forces that are good and want to help people to find inner knowlege and inner wisdon like in gnosis?
I thouhht about beings, entities or forces like
If so how can men get in tough with them?
I thought about Hermes Trismegistus and Iris as beings, entities or forces that are good and want to learn people inner knowlege and inner wisdom.

Some spirits, some demons, some jinns and so on are interested in knowledge and Ascension. Some other spirits, demons, jinns are happy as they are in a clear state. At some moment maybe will want more and evolve. All of them are good or lets say were meant to exist in the divine mind of Source. Examples:

  • an old lady who a full time mother of x children and submissive wife once dead finally as a spirit goes from party to party and has fun all the time after hundreds of years maybe will want to evolve spiritually.

  • a Jinn betrayed by his family, finding an old house, haunting it and trying to resolve his sorrow, maybe at some moment will realise that he decides when to be happy or not and get emotionally over that painful moment.


Most forces and entities are their own beings (not including some hive minded race of beings), they want whatever it is they want; in the short run or long run. They will help someone for their own benefit or the person’s benefit or both.

Personally I do not believe there is an entity or force that cares about helping people in general but rather the individual that seeks them they either will help or not bother with them.

I tend to reject the idea that these beings care about human “ascension”, individually maybe but humanity as a whole sounds more like a forced love and light attachment, but in the end they are more than likely going to benefit from doing so as well.

I like the idea that nothing is given without some form of exchange regardless of if you’re aware of it, unaware of it, or like a handful simply choose to ignore the exchange all together.


For example, there are bodjisattvas who, according to Buddhism, strive to save all living beings from suffering and help them get out of the series of rebirths.

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There are many entities both demonic and angelic that are interested in humanity’s evolution but if you’re looking for finding inner knowledge and inner wisdom you should work with your higher self


How can someone get help from a bodjisattva?

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